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Manuel Fraga obituary

Excellent obituary of Manual Fraga in here The Guardain by Micheal Euede, author of one my favourite books on Barcelona.

…Differing evaluations of Fraga at his death reflect the deep division in Spanish society. The right exalts him as the statesman who reformed Francoism, co-drafted the 1978 constitution and founded a conservative party that eventually, in 1996, reached power through the ballot box. The left remembers him as an aggressive old fascist, responsible for numerous deaths of oppositionists when minister: unapologetic about his Francoist past (“Franco was one of our best rulers”), hostile to gay people (“Homosexuality is an anomaly”) and highly undemocratic in his manipulation of elections as president of Galic

United States Navy vs Galicia

Radio conversation between a US navy ship and the north west of Spain, with English subtitles. Incredible US navy arrogance and hilarious comeuppance…Truly a youtube classic…there was a similar spoof involving the Canadians a few years back.