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The Iberianature Forum bookshop. This is one of those Amazon associated schemes. You pay no more than you would with Amazaon and they give us 5% on any book which you click on and then buy. This will go towards the server costs. So if you fancy buying someone a book about Spain for Christmas, and you like this site, why not do it through us at no extra cost to you?

Oryx The best nature bookshop in Barcelona and surely one of the best in Europe. Huge selection in English, Spanish and Catalan. Good selection of scopes, binoculars, feeders and other wildlife gear too. Great for browsing away on a rainy day. A personal favourite.

La Tienda Verde The best nature and hiking bookshop in Madrid. Claims to be “main source of reference for people looking for maps, travel guides and mountaineering guides in Spain for the last thirty years”. Also compasses, G.P.S. , pedometers, aerial photographs or nautical charts and publications on geology or topography, etc

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