Odd one out

Choose the odd one out and say why.

e.g. dog, cat, ant, mouse. Ant because it’s not a mammal.

1 stable, nest, warren, horn

2 toad, lizard, frog, salamander

3 feather, beak, wing, fur

4 flock, howl, herd, swarm

5 quack, roar, chick, squeak

6 caterpillar, kitten, flea, tadpole

7 mare, stallion, stag, bull

8 deer, cub, puppy, calf

9 beetle, fox, hedgehog, bear

10 moth, ladybird, vulture, grasshopper

11 sparrow, slug, worm, snail

12 seagull, owl, dragonfly, pigeon

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