Environmental disasters in Spain

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  • Prestige oil spill – Wikipedia The spill is the largest environmental disaster in Spain’s history. WWF has estimated that some 300,000 seabirds died. A study published in November  2007 showed that hydrocarbons are still present in the seabird chicks ( El Mundo )
  • “ The largest environmental disaster in Spanish history began during a fierce storm off Galicia’s Coast of Death, la Costa da Morte, on 13th November 2002, as the Prestige oil tanker was sailing from Latvia to Gibraltar, to its ultimate destination of Singapore.” ( Typically Spanish )
  • Aznalcóllar  disaster Top 10 of natural and anthropogenic environmental disasters in the world. “On April 25, 1998 the dam of the mining residual tank of a pyrite mine in Aznalcollar, Spain suffered a rupture, releasing sludge and contaminated wastewater. The wastewater entered the Guadiamar River, polluting the river with heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, zinc and copper. It affected an area of 4.634 hectares, contaminating 2.703 hectares with sludge and 1.931 with acidic water.
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