Birdwatching in the Pyrenees

Guided birdwatching and wildlife tour operators in the Spanish Pyrenees

  • Natural history guided tours around the Pyrenees Spain. Including The High Aragón. Raptors galore and wallcreepers
  • Catalanbirdtours. Professional bird guide Stephen Christopher offers Birding Holidays & Bird Tours to Catalan Pyrenees
  • Boletas Birdwatching Centre, based in the Sierra de Guara in the Aragonese Pyrenees, is a pioneering initiative in nature holidays in Spain. Josele J Saiz, the principal tour leader, is an expert birdwatching guide and tour organiser for individuals, associations or companies. Boletas offers a superb selection of birding holidays, professionally guided & exquisitely organised for small groups. This is a personal endorsement by me
  • Audouin Birding Tours Trips to Catalan Pyrenees.
  • Natura Aragon Dutch company specialized in nature tours in Aragonese Pyrenees and elsewhere

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