Checklist of Amphibians in Spain

Spanish Amphibians
Iberian midwife Toad Sapo partero ibérico Alytes cisternasii

Endemic to Southeast Spain.

Betic Midwife Toad Sapo partero bético Alytes dickhilleni

Described in 1995. Southeast Spain. Considered Vulnerable. Chief threat is loss of breeding habitat.

Mallorcan midwife toad Sapillo balear Alytes muletensis

The Mallorcan midwife toad was rescued from extinction through captive breeding and reintroduction into the wild with the help of Gerald Durrel Foundation and was removed from ‘critically endangered’ category: now rated as ‘vulnerable’in the 2004 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It was thought to have been extinct for several thousand years, probably since Roman times when snakes first arrived. Scientists knew of its existence only from fossils found in Mallorca. Then in 1979, incredibly, live Mallorcan midwife toads were dicovered hiding out in the Sierra de Traumuntana in a few limestone gorges. They had been reduced to the brink of extinction by land use changes and the introduction of snakes from the mainland. They now live in 8 or 9 mountain streams in the mountains.

Midwide Toad Sapo partero común Alytes obstetricans
Common toad Sapo común Bufo bufo
Natterjack Toad Sapo corredor Bufo calamita
Berber Toad Sapo moruno Bufo mauritanicus

Not really Iberian. Until recently restricted to Ceuta and Melilla, though recently an introduced population has been discovered in the sierras around Algeciras.

Green Toad Sapo verde Bufo viridis

Restricted to the Balerics where it was possibly introduced during the Bronze Age as a religious totem.

Iberian Painted Frog Sapillo pintojo ibérico Discoglossus galganoi
Southern Iberian Painted Frog Sapillo pintojo meridional Discoglossus jeanneae
Painted Frog Sapillo mediterráneo Discoglossus pictus

Jumped into NE Catalonia at start of 20th century from populations introduced into France in the 19th.

Pyrenean Brook Newt Tritón pirenaico Euproctus asper
Common Tree Frog Ranita de San Antonio Hyla arborea
Stripeless Tree Frog Ranita meridional Hyla meridionalis
Western Spadefoot Sapo de espuelas Pelobates cultripes
Iberian Parsley Frog Sapillo moteado meridional Pelodytes ibericus

Identified and described in 2000. Southern Portugal and Spain. Until then confused with the Parsley Frog

Parsley Frog Sapillo moteado común Pelodytes punctatus
American Bullfrog Rana toro Rana catesbeiana

A recent escapee.

Agile Frog Rana ágil Rana dalmatina
Iberian Frog Rana patilarga Rana iberica
Iberian Green Frog Rana común Rana perezi

The commonest frog in Spain. See Iberian Green Frogs in Collserola (Iberianature).

Pyrenean Stream Frog Rana pirenaica Rana pyrenaica
Marsh Frog Rana bermeja Rana temporaria
Newts and Salamaders
Golden-striped Salamander Salamandra rabilarga Chioglossa lusitanica
Fire Salamander Salamandra común Salamandra salamandra
Alpine Newt Tritón alpino Triturus alpestris
Bosca’s Newt Tritón ibérico Triturus boscai
Palmite Newt Tritón palmeado Triturus helveticus
Marbled Newt Tritón jaspeado Triturus marmoratus
Southern Marbled Newt Tritón pigmeo Triturus pygmaeus
Spanish Ribbed Newt Gallipato Pleurodeles waltl
See also endemic Montseny Brook Newt (Calotriton arnoldi) discovered in Catalonia
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