Wild animals quiz

Read the sentences and write the animals.







red deer


roe deer





Spanish ibex

wild cat




Iberian lynx

wild boar

Note: names are generic and do not necessarily refer to individual species.

  1. The wild ancestor of the dog. It howls at night.

  2. This big, brown animal likes honey. It lives in the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees.

  3. This carnivore is usually red and has got a big, bushy tail. It sometimes eats chickens.

  4. This medium-sized mammal has got black and white fur. It’s an omnivore.

  5. This rodent lives in trees. It eats nuts. It’s got a big, bushy tail.

  6. It lives underground. It eats worms. It’s almost blind. It creates small mounds in fields called _____hills. This animal on Wikepida

  7. It’s similar to a mouse but it’s rounder and has got a big, bushy tail. It sleeps a lot.

  8. This type of animal lives in caves and flies at night. It finds its way by echolocation.

  9. It’s similar to a mouse in shape but it’s not a rodent. It’s an insectivore.

  10. A wild pig. Asterix and Obelix like to eat it.

  11. The largest deer in Europe. It’s hunted for its antlers and meat.

  12. This deer is very small. It usually lives in forests.

  13. This animal was originally from the Iberian Peninsula, but is now found all over Europe. It has suffered a lot from a disease called myxomatosis.

  14. Possibly the most endangered cat in the world. It only lives in Southern Spain.

  15. A wild goat only found in Iberia. It’s got very big horns.

  16. This mammal is protected by lots of spines on its back.

  17. This type of cat is very closely related to the domestic cat but it’s bigger and very hard to see.

  18. Similar to a rabbit, but with bigger ears and longer legs.

  19. This animal brought the Black Death to Europe in the Middle Ages.

  20. This mammal lives in lakes and rivers. It eats fish and crabs. It’s a very good swimmer.

Extra information: other mammals in Spain

  • marmot – marmota
  • genet – gineta
  • chamois – rebeco
  • fallow deer – gamo
  • mink – visón
  • beech martin – garduña
  • pine martin – marta
  • stoat – armino
  • weasel – comadreja
  • polecat – turón
  • Egyptian mongoose – meloncillo
  • Pyrennean desman – desmán
  • vole – topillo, rata de agua

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