Ansó and Hecho Valleys

Description on the wildlife of the Ansó and Hecho Valleys here (Lucy on iberianature)


Birding in the Hecho and Ansó Valleys The valleys hold a good number of some of the best birds of the Pyrenees

Birds, Birdwatching in the Hecho and Ansó Valleys One of the most outstanding places of ornithological importance in the Pyrenees are the valleys of Ansó and Hecho, and the mountain ranges of San Juan de la Peña and Oroel. The valley of the river Aragón, between Berdún and Jaca, is perhaps one of the best places to see raptors. They breed in the mountains but look for food in the lower valleys. There are also plenty of songbirds.  It is recommended to travel by car, but you should make short stops and walk around regularly. In the woods around Zuriza (Ansó), in the Selva de Oza (Hecho) and the surroundings of the New Monastery of San Juan de la Peña you could make longer trips.


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