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Mapa de Barcelona



April employment figures for Spain

New emplyment figures for Spain. Unemployment has risen to 5.6 milllion or 24.44%. Figures 33.7% in Andalucia. 52% of people under 25 in the job market are unemployed. 1.7 million homes have no earner. Crisis measures clearly working, eh? El País

United States Navy vs Galicia

Radio conversation between a US navy ship and the north west of Spain, with English subtitles. Incredible US navy arrogance and hilarious comeuppance…Truly a youtube classic…there was a similar spoof involving the Canadians a few years back.

Propaganda poster by Joan Miró

Propoganda poster by Joan Miró. 1937. Help Spain. A translation into English ” ‘In the current conflict on the Facist side I see massive forces; on the other side are the people whose immense and creative resourcefullness will give Spain a vitality which will astonish the world.'”

Libetarian women

Full version of Libertarias directed by Vincente Aranda about women militia fighters in the Spanish Civil War. Subtitled in English, Has a number of historical inaccuracies but worth watching for its excellent staging and atmosphere.

Gerda Taro video

An interesting talk here about the life of Gerda Taro, the pioneering and largely unknown female photojournalist whose work consisted almost exclusively of dramatic photographs from the Spanish Civil War.The talk is given by Irme Schaber, Taro’s biographer.

Taro was companion and professional partner of photographer Robert Capa.

More on Wikipedia

When the Spanish Civil War broke out (1936), Gerda Taro travelled to Barcelona, Spain, to cover the events with Capa. Taro acquired the nickname of la pequeña rubia (“the little blonde”). They covered the war together at northeastern Aragon and at the southern Cordoba. Always together under the common, bogus signature of Robert Capa, they were successful through many important publications (the Swiss Züricher Illustrierte, the French Vu). Their early war photos are distinguishable since Taro used a Rollei camera which rendered squared photographs while Capa produced rectangular Leica pictures. However, for some time in 1937 they produced similar 135 film pictures together under the label of Capa&Taro.

Subsequently, Taro attained some independence. She refused Capa’s marriage proposal. Also, she became publicly related to the circle of anti fascist European intellectuals (Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell) who crusaded particularly for the Spanish Republic. The Ce Soir, a leftist newspaper of France, signed her for publishing Taro’s works only. Then, she began to commercialize her production under the Photo Taro label. Regards, Life, Illustrated London News and Volks-Illustrierte were amongst those publications.[1][2]

Reporting the Valencia bombing alone, Gerda Taro attained the photographs which are her most celebrated. Also, in July 1937, Taro’s photographs were in demand by the international press when, alone, she was covering the Brunete region near Madrid for Ce Soir. Although the Nationalist propaganda claimed that the region was under its control, the Republican forces had in fact forced that faction out. Taro’s camera was the only testimony of the actual situation

Gerda Taro photo collection

Gerda Taro photo collection on youtube with interesting soundtrack. Includes many rare photos taken by the partner of Robert Capa, many which are from the Spanish Civil War. Here

Robert Capa photo montage

Series of photos from Robert Capa, mainly during the Spanish Civil War. Here

Budapest, Robert Capa Retrospective exhibition. This exhibition pays tribute to the work of legendary photojournalist Robert Capa – one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. Here

Robert Capa in the Spanish Civil War

Interesting short video on Robert Kappa in the Spanish Civil War, translated from German to Spanish. Incredible images. Here