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Iberianature – Discover.  The new look directory.

Carefully chosen properties in rural areas and villages of Spain. Rural hotels, inns, hostels, houses and campsites. Ideal for wildlife watching, walking or just relaxing. Places to stay for birdwatchers, nature lovers and hikers. Guided and self guided walking Holidays.

This directory is separated into various categories  and It is very easy to search for a place to stay or to find a guided or self guided walking holiday.

All of the businesses are selected by us personally and the main criteria for a listing here at Iberianature -Discover is that the business is located in a protected natural area of Spain or provides an invaluable service in towns or cities across the Iberia peninsular.

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forumIberianature Forum

Well, the forum is now getting on in years… Started by Nick of Iberianature and Clive of Wildside Holidays back in 2007… There are now tens of thousands of posts in thousands of topics by hundreds of members.

If you’ve got environmental issues in your back yard then the forum is a great place to get other members attention and to sign any online petitions. Any good news about wildlife protection? What have you seen lately and does it need identifying?

If you are running a walking, nature or culture related business in Spain or Portugal then let people know what you are doing by adding your project to the website section on the forum. The Forum is FREE to use. Just register and join a great bunch of people who care about and enjoy the nature of Spain. The Iberianature Forum