A guide to food in Spain – A


  • a la parrilla/plancha: grilled

  • a la romana: fried in batter

  • abadejo: pollock (Pollachius pollachius)

  • acedia (lenguadillo) – wedge sole (Dicologlossa cuneata). a small fish of the sole family

  • aceite de girasol: sunflower oil

  • aceite de oliva: olive oil

  • aceite de soja: soya oil

  • aceituna: olive

  • acelgas: chard

  • achicoria: chicory

  • adafina: Sephardic dish of chick peas, thought to be the earth mother of all cocidos.

  • adobo: marinade

  • Afuega’l pitu an unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese from Astruias. The name comes from its tendency to stick to a person’s palate (“pitu”). It is considered to be one of the oldest Spanish cheeses.

The cheese is made from cow’s milk from cows milked in the afternoon or evening and heated between 25º C and 30º C (77-86ºF) with a coagulant added so the milk forms curds. After midday the following day, the curds are cut and deposited in a mold to drain. From the mold it is passed to a sack or bag (“Fardela”) for the “Trapu” version or left with the form given by the mold (“Troncado”-Trunk) like a bishop’s mitre. Salt is added, as is paprika (pimentón) if desired. After a few days the period of curing starts with aging occurring on wooden planks for a period between a week and several months. The resulting cheese is normally white (blanco), with a red (rojo) variety is also made where paprika (pimentón) and/or cayenne pepper are added to the cheese before moulding to shape using the form (“Troncado”-Trunk) or cloth bag (“Trapo” o “Trapu”). Afuega’l pitu

  • agridulce: sweet and sour

  • agrio: sour

  • aguacate: avocado

  • aguardiente: generic name for alcoholic drinks between 29 and 45 percent alcohol, meaning literally “burning water”

  • ahumado: smoked

  • ajo: garlic

  • ajoarriero: salt cod dish with garlic and red peppers

  • ajoblanco: a white Andalusian soup

  • al ajillo: in garlic

  • al horno: baked

  • albahaca: basil

  • albaricoque: apricot

  • albóndigas: meatballs

  • alcachofa: artichoke

  • alcaparras: capers

  • alfajores: cakes made of flour, honey, almonds and several spices, including cinnamon and commonly eaten at Christmas

  • alcohol: alcohol

  • alfajor
  • algarroba: carob. See Chocolate vs Carob on the forum

  • aliño: dressing

  • alitas: wings (chicken)

  • almazara: olive oil mill

  • almidón: starch

  • Almogrote
  • all i oli (alioli): catalan garlic sauce in its true form just garlic and olive oil, but more unfortunately often passed off as garlic mayonnaise
  • almejas a la marinera: clams cooked in wine and parsley

  • almeja: clam

  • almendra: almond
  • almíbar: syrup

  • almorta: sweet pea. The flour of almorta is used to make gachas manchegas. More here.

  • altramuz: lupin seed (Lupinus albus). Commonly eaten at fairs.

  • alubia negra: black bean

  • alubia roja: kidney bean

  • amanida catalana: Catalan salad

  • amontillado: variety of sherry that is darker than fino but lighter than oloroso. (Wikipedia)

  • ancas de rana: frog’s legs

  • anchoa: anchovy

  • androlla: Galician sausage

  • anguila: eel

  • angula: elver Deep fried elvers are an essential and astonomically expensive part of Basque cuisine.

  • anís: aniseed, or aniseed flavoured spirit

  • añojo: cow or sheep between 18 and 24 months old, and hence its meat

  • apio: celery

  • arándano: cranberry, blueberry

  • arbequina: tasty little green olives from Lerida and Tarragona

  • arenque: herring

  • arenque ahumado: similar to kippers

  • arròs al forn (Catalan): baked rice.

  • arròs negre (Catalan)

  • arroz: rice

  • arroz a la cubana: rice with tomato sauce and egg

  • arroz con leche: rice pudding. Particularly good in Asturias.

  • asado/asar: roast

  • asadura: melts (entrails). Served fried

  • Asturian food

  • atún: tuna. Within which we have: atún claro – yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacare); the smaller atún rojo – bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) and the highly prized bonito del norte (Thunnus alalunga), with a plethura of names in English of which albacore seems to be the most accepted. though longfin tuna sounds better.

  • ave: poultry

  • avellanas: hazelnuts

  • avestruz: ostrich. Spanish-raised ostriches are a common sight

  • azafrán: saffron

  • azucar: sugar

  • azúcar glacé: icing sugar

  • azúcar moreno: brown sugar


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