A guide to food in Spain – F-G-H



  • fabada (asturiana): the archetypical Asturian dish
  • fabes: white beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)
  • faisán: pheasant
  • fiambres: cold meats
  • fideos: vermicelli / small noodles
  • fideuà (Catalan): noodles with fish or meat
  • filete: steak
  • filloas (Galicia): pancakes stuffed with honey, sugar, custard or jam.
  • fino: dry sherry
  • flamenquín: fried roll generally with meat, ham and cheese.
  • flan: cream caramel
  • flaó: a superb cheesecake from the Balearics including eggs, cheese, sugar and mint. The mixture of savoury and sweet flavourings may reflect Arab influence from the Islamic past of the islands.
  • foie gras: goose or duck liver
  • frambuesa: raspberry
  • fresa: strawberry
  • fricandó: Catalan beef stew
  • fruta(s): fruit
  • frutos secos: nut, but also dried fruit
  • fuet (Catalan): thin cured dry sausage of pork meat


  • gachas: a kind of porridge with fried pork products. One variety is the gachas manchegas.

  • Galician food

  • galleta: biscuit, cookie

  • gallina: hen

  • gallineta: blue-mouth (Helicolenus dactylopterus)

  • gallo: megrim (Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis)

  • galtes de porc: pigs cheeks

  • gambas: shrimps, prawns

  • gamo: fallow deer

  • ganso: goose

  • garum: garum. A fetid fish sauce extremely popular in Ancient Rome. The best garum was said to come from Southern Spain (Wikipedia)

  • garbanzos: chick peas

  • garrafó: uncommonly large white beans used in Valencian paella.

  • gazpacho andaluz: the classic cold tomato soup generally made with green pepper, cucumber, onion, stale bread, garlic, olive oil and vinegar, with variations on the theme.

  • gazpacho manchego: Nothing to do with its Andalusian compatriate, this heavy stew from La Mancha is made with meat (usually rabbit), wild mushrooms and torta (flat bread).

  • gelatina: jelly

  • girasol: sunflower

  • girella: a speciality only found in Pallars Jussà. It’s a sort of haggis made with rice instead of oatmeal and is heavily spiced with black pepper. It’s best sliced and fried in a very little oil until crisp. (Simon Rice)

  • gofrio: a roasted flour used to make a type of porridge in the Canary islands. Gofio is thought to be have been the main staple of the diet of the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands, who produced it from barley and the rhizome of certain ferns. The latter is also known to have been used in historical times, especially in famine, even up till the 20th century. “Gofio” comes from the name for the product in the aboriginal language of Gran Canaria. More here
  • granada: pomegranate

  • granizado: crushed ice drink

  • granos de pimienta: peppercorns

  • grelos: turnip greens

  • grosella negra: blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum)

  • grosella roja: redcurrant (Ribes rubrum)

  • guayaba: guava

  • guindilla: a variety of chili pepper

  • guisantes: peas

  • guiso: stew


  • habas: broad beans
  • habichuelas: broad beans (Vicia faba)

  • hamburguesa: hamburger

  • harina: flour

  • harina de maíz: cornflour

  • helado: ice cream

  • hierbabuena: spearmint

  • hierba luisa: lemon verbena

  • higado: liver

  • higo: fig

  • higo chumbo: prickly pear

  • hinojo: fennel

  • hojaldre: puff pastry

  • horchata de chufas: a very popular cold drink from Valencia made from tigernuts. Horchata de almendras also exists. (Wikipedia)

  • huevas: roe (fish eggs)

  • huevo: egg


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