A guide to food in Spain – T



  • tallarines: noodles

  • tapas: appetizers, small snacks

  • tarta: cake or tart

  • tarta de chocolate: chocolate tart

  • tarta de manzana: apple tart

  • tarta de Santiago: almond sponge cake from Galicia

  • tarta de queso: cheesecake – in Asturias wonderful, home-made and varied.

  • té: tea

  • tenca: tench

  • ternasco: lamb aged between 45 days and 4 months.

  • ternera: spring beef

  • tetilla (teta gallega): cheese from Galicia in the shape of a breast complete with nipple.

  • tinto de verano: wine and lemonade (usually)

  • tiñosu (Asturian): scorpionfish

  • tocino: salted or fresh pork fat

  • tocino de cielo:

  • tomate: tomato

  • tomillo: thyme

  • tordo: thrush

  • torrija: a fried bread dessert

  • tortell (tortel): A stuffed pastry in the shape of a large ring , popular in Catalonia on festive days. For example the Tortell de reis which is covered with candied fruits, pine nuts, and stuffed with marzipan.

  • tortilla: omelette

  • tortilla a la paisana: omelette with different vegetables

  • tortilla de patatas / española: Spanish omelette with fried potatoes

  • tortilla francesa: plain omelette

  • toro: bull

  • tortu: (Asturian): maiz cake with a variety of fillings; minced meat (picadillo), tuna, cheese and more.

  • tortuga: turtle

  • tostada: toast

  • trigo: wheat

  • trinxat (Catalan): in effect bubble and squeak a la Catalana , normally served with black pudding and belly pork.

  • tripa: tripe

  • trompeta de los muertos: black trumpet (Craterellus cornucopiodes)

  • Tronchón: cheese from El Maestrazgo

  • trucha: trout

  • trucha ahumada: smoked trout

  • trucha con jamón: trout with cured ham

  • trufa: truffles, chocolate or fungi

  • turrón: the classic Spanish nougat Christmas goodie

  • txacolí: Basque white wine

  • txangurro (Basque): spidercrab

  • txoko: Basque gastronomic society


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