A guide to food in Spain – R



  • rábano: radish

  • rabas: squid strips fried in batter

  • rabo: tail, cut of meat as in rabo de toro – bull’s tail

  • rana: frog

  • rape: monkfish

  • rata de agua: water vole. Traditionally eaten in parts of Aragon, Valencia and in the Ebro Delta. Said to be delicious.

  • raviolis: ravioli

  • raya: skate

  • rebeco: chamois

  • rebozuelo: chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) – rossinyol in Catalan

  • refresco: soft drink

  • regaliz: licorice

  • remolacha: beetroot

  • repollo: cabbage

  • requesón: curd

  • revuelto /revoltillo: scrambled eggs

  • Ribeiro: wine-making region located in the northeast of the province of Ourense (Galicia)

  • Ribera de Duero: wine-making region within Castile and León

  • riñones: kidneys

  • riñones al jerez: kidneys with sherry

  • Rioja: the most famous wine-making region of Spain

  • rodaballo: turbot

  • rollito: roll

  • romero: rosemary

  • romescada: sometimes called simply romesco de peix. Romescada is a wonderful hearty dish in which a range of fish, normally including monkfish. The dish, which is enriched with baby clams, mussels, etc. is made by the addition of romesco sauce as a picada. There should be plentiful rich sauce as in effect it is a casserole with an enticing warm yellowish colour, although there’s no saffron in it. One can buy the special spice mix for romescada in Tarragona, where it is a native dish. (Simon Rice)

  • romesco: a spicy relish made with crushed hazelnuts and/or almonds, roasted garlic, olive oil and ñoras – small, dried red peppers

  • ron: rum

  • Roncal: sheep’s milk cheese from the Roncal Valley (Navarra)

  • rosbif: roastbeef

  • roscas / roscos / rosquillas: ring-shaped pastries

  • rossinyol (Catalan): chanterelle


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