A guide to food in Spain – D-E


  • dátiles: dates
  • despojos: offal

  • diente de ajo: garlic clove

  • donut, rosquilla: doughnut

  • dorada: gilt-head bream (Sparus aurata)

  • dulce de membrillo: quince jelly

  • dulces: sweets


  • embotits (Catalan): cured meats

  • embutidos: cured meats

  • empanada: pastry with meat or seafood filling

  • empanada gallega: flat pie from Galicia

  • emperador: swordfish

  • endibia: endive

  • endrina: sloe (Prunus spinosa). Used to make pacharán, the famed Basque liquour.

  • eneldo: dill

  • ensaimada mallorquina: the Mallorcan soft bun. The Catalan poet, Josep Pla, described the ensaimada as “the lightest, airiest and most delicate pastry in this country.” More here
  • ensalada: salad

  • ensalada mixta: mixed salad

  • ensaladilla rusa: mayonnaise salad with potatoes carrots peas

  • entrecot:

  • entremeses: starters

  • entremeses variados: hors d’oeuvres

  • escabeche: a traditional way of preserving game and fish and now rather a delicacy.

  • escalivada: Cold roast vegetable salad from Catalonia

  • escalopa a la milanesa: milanesa

  • escanciador: cider pourer – An essential part of Asturian food culture

  • escarola: curly endive

  • escorpena: scorpionfish

  • escudella (Catalan): Catalan stew

  • escupiña: small clam, a synonym of chirla. Zoologically known as a striped venus (Venus striatula).

  • espaguetis: spaghetti

  • espardeña (in Catalan espardenya): sea cucumber. An expensive delicacy eaten principaly in Catalonia.

  • espárrago: asparagus

  • especias: spices

  • espinacas: spinach

  • espinacs a la catalana (Catalan): spinach with raisins and pine nuts

  • esqueixada (Catalan): salt cod salad

  • estofado de …: … stew /casserole.

  • estragon: tarragon

  • esturión: sturgeon. Currently extinct in Spain in the wild, but until recently was commercially fished for caviar in the Guadalquivir.

  • Extremaduran food


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