A guide to food in Spain – C


  • caballa: mackerel

  • caballo: horsemeat

  • cabra: goat

  • cabracho: scorpionfish

  • cabrales: fiery cheese of Asturias

  • cabrito: kid goat

  • cacahuete: peanut

  • cacao: cocoa

  • cachelos (Galician): potatoes

  • café: coffee

  • café americano: as espresso but with much more water so bigger and weaker

  • café cortado: espresso with a drop of milk

  • café solo: espresso

  • calabacín: courgette

  • calabaza: pumpkin

  • calamar: squid (Loligo vulgaris)

  • calamares a la romana: squid rings in batter

  • calamares en su tinta: squid cooked in their ink

  • calçots (Catalan): a variety of scallion from Catalonia

  • caldeirada: fish stew from Galicia

  • caldereta: various forms of stew across Spain including a fish stew from Asturias. Caldereta de cordero is a mutton stew

  • caldero: a large pot, a cauldron. And dishes which use one (eg Arroz caldero del Mar Menor).

  • caldo: broth or stock

  • caldo gallego:

  • calimocho (from the Basque Kalimotxo): drink made from approximately 50% red wine and 50% Coke. An essential lubicant of Spanish youth. (Wikipedia)

  • callos: tripe

  • callos a la madrileña: tripe cooked with chillis

  • camarón: small prawn

  • canalons (Catalan): cannelloni

  • canalones: cannelloni

  • canela: cinnamon

  • cangrejo de mar: crab

  • cangrejo de río: river crab

  • canónigo: lamb’s lettuce

  • cantimpalos: a type of chorizo sold in strings.

  • caña: glass of draught beer

  • cañadilla: sea snail from the same family of the bígaro, but bigger.

  • capón: capon

  • caqui or kaki: persimmon or kaki (Diospyros kaki)

  • caracol: snail

  • carajillo: expresso coffee with a shot of brandy or other spirits (anís, rum, whisky…)

  • caramelo: caramel

  • caramelos: sweets

  • cardo: cardoon or artichoke thistle
  • cargols (Catalan): snails

  • carne: meat

  • carne picada: mince

  • carnero: ram

  • castañas: chestnuts

  • casquería: variety meats, offal

  • cata: wine tasting

  • Catalan cuisine by Simon Rice by Francis Barrett

  • caza: game

  • cazón: tope shark (Galeorhinus galeus)

  • cebolla: onion

  • cebolleta: spring onion / shallot

  • cebollino: chive

  • cecina: salted, smoked and air-dried beef, rather like biltong or beef jerky, but in my opinion at best far superior. The word cecina is said to come either from the latin siccus (dry) or from the celtic ciercina related to modern Spanish “cierzo” or Northern wind. The best known cecina is from León. Cecina of wild boar and other game is also found.

  • centeno: rye

  • centollo: spider crab

  • cerdo: pork, pig

  • cerdo ibérico: Iberian black pig

  • cereza: cherry

  • cerveza: beer

  • champiñones: mushrooms

  • chanfaina: an Extremadura dish nothing to do with similarly named dishes in Spain such as the Catalan Xanfaina, which is a Spanish version of the Occitan Ratatouille
  • chanquetes: fish (similar to whitebait)

  • chicharrones: pork scratchings

  • chilindrón (al chilindrón):

  • chireta: haggis from Aragon
  • chiringuito: beach bar, or temporary bar in fiestas.

  • chipirón: small squid

  • chipirones en su tinta: squid cooked in their ink

  • chistorra (in Basque txistorra): thin chorizo-like sausage for frying.

  • chirimoya: cherimoya

  • chirla: type of small clam

  • chivo: kid

  • chocolate: chocolate

  • chocos: squid

  • chorizo: cold spicy sausage

  • chorizo a la sidra: a classic Asturian dish present throughout Spain, though in my opinion overrated.

  • chufa: tigernuts. Used to make horchata de chufa.

  • chuleta: chop

  • chuletón: large chop

  • churrasco:thick cut of skirt steak to grill

  • churros: deep fried doughnuts

  • ciervo: venison

  • cigala: crayfish

  • cilantro: coriander

  • ciruela: plum

  • ciruela pasa: prune

  • clara de huevo: egg white

  • clavo (de olor): clove

  • coca (Catalan): Catalan cake

  • cochinillo: suckling pig

  • cochinillo asado: roast suckling pig. The Guardian has this article on suckling pig in Portugal “Each weekend families from across Portugal descend on the small town of Mealhada to feast on the best suckling pig in the country…leitão assado da bairrada, suckling pig roasted and basted until the flesh is creamy and the skin develops a prerequisite crunch. Leitão assado is to be found on menus throughout Portugal but, if you want to experience the dish at its very best, you should head to the Bairrada wine region and in particular to the small town of Mealhada”

  • cocido:

  • cocido madrileño: the Classic Madrid chick pea stew.
  • cocido maragato:

  • cocido montañés:heart stew from Cantabria with a complex fauna. One of my favourites.

  • coco: coconut

  • cocochas (de merluza): cheeks of hake

  • codillo: pork elbow.

  • codorniz: quail

  • cogollo: heart (of cabbage, lettuce)

  • col: cabbage

  • coles de Bruselas: Brussels sprouts

  • coliflor: cauliflower

  • comino: cumin

  • compangu (Asturian): the pork embutidos (chorizo, lacón -boiled ham, morcilla) accompanying the fabada asturiana. Literally, the accompaniment.

  • coñac: brandy

  • condimento: seasoning

  • conejo: rabbit. See also rabbits and the origin of Spain

  • confit (Catalan): meats preserved in jars with oil and lard

  • congrio: conger eel

  • consomé: consommé (soup)

  • consomé al jerez: consommé with sherry

  • consomé con yema: consommé with egg yolk

  • contra filete de ternera: veal fille:

  • copos de avena: oats

  • corazones de alcachofas: hearts of artichoke

  • cordero: lamb

  • cordero al chilindrón: lamb stew with onions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and chillies.

  • corzo: roe deer

  • costillas: ribs

  • crema catalana: crème brulée

  • crepe: pancake

  • criadillas: testicles, beef or lamb

  • croqueta: croquette. Croquettes in Spain come in great many varieties. The basis is always the filling of a thick creamy béchamel. This is then mixed with whatever is at hand or whatever tradition dictates in the household in question: ham, chicken, game, boiled egg, mussels, wild mushrooms… the possibilities are virtually endless.

  • cuajada: milk curd

  • cuajo: rennet

  • Cuchifritos or Cochifritos : Fried lamb or goat with olive oil, garlic, vinegar, basil, rosemary, bay leaves, and spearmint, hailing from Castilla-La Mancha, Castile and León and Extremadura. Not to be confused with Latin American Cuchiifritos


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