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Origin of Sanabria

November 24th, 2016

Brown bear population in Spain 2013

October 22nd, 2013
 The population of brown bears in the Cantabrian mountains 2013 has reached more than 200, with 34 cubs raised in  2010. More here

Bear in camera trap

July 22nd, 2013

Bisons back in Spain

June 6th, 2010

Somewhere on the River Pisuerga

May 29th, 2010

A flock of sheep in Castilla

May 29th, 2010

Miguel Delibes dies

March 14th, 2010

Laguna Negra and the Urbion Glacial Circuit Natural Park

March 10th, 2010 The Natural Park Laguna Negra and the Urbion Glacial Circuit is to be declared Soria’s second Natural Park. The park will cover a total of 4617 hectares of land and include two villages (Vinuesa and Duruelo de la Sierra).  The area includes the glacial lake of Laguna Negra, which inspired Antonio Machado, and also includes the source of the Duero. Soria’s other Natural Park in Soria is the Canyon Rio Lobos, which was declared in  1985. More on the forum

A blog about Burgos

March 10th, 2010 I’ve just come across  Memorias de Burgos, an excellent blog about the secret corners of the province with its abandoned villages and abbeys, oil fields and salt workings, forgotten history and stunning nature. Above photo Portillo de Canta el Gallo from the site. It’s inspired me to add The Ayoluengo petrol field and Rioseco Abbey to the Places in Spain section.

Wolf hunting methods in Spanish history

February 16th, 2010