An English-Spanish glossary of the Natural History of Spain


macizo : massif.

macolla : hump of plants???

Macronesia: biogeographical region comprising the Canary Islands, Atlantic Islands of the Azores, Salvage Islands, Madeira, Desertas, and Cape Verde Islands. Included for political rather than geographical reasons.

madreselva : mistletoe :

madriguera : burrow

maizal : corn field

majada : sheepfold.

majano : pile of stones in Extremadura, built up as they were removed from fields. Often used mark out territory.

mallo (Arag. Pyrneees) : large horn of rock as Los Mallos de Riglós. :

malvasía cabeciblanca : white-headed duck : Oxyura leucocephala

malvasía canela : ruddy duck : Oxyura jamaicensis

manada : pack

manantial : spring ( fuente ).

manzanal : apple orchard

mar : sea

mar de fondo : swell

mar encrespado : heavy swell

mar gruesa : rough sea

mar picado : choppy sea

marea : tide

marea alta : high tide

marea baja : low tide

marea negra : oil slick

marga : loam; marl

mariposa : butterfly :

mariposa nocturna : moth :

mariquita : ladybird

marisma : marsh; swamp

marmota : marmot : Marmota marmota

marta : pine marten : Martes martes

martín pescador : common kingfisher : Alcedo atthis

martinete común : night heron : Nycticorax nycticorax

masia (Cat.) : Catalan farmhouse

mata : bush; shrub

matas : thicket

matorral : scrub; heath

meandro : meander.

médano : sand dune

melandru/melón (Ast) : badger

meloncillo : Egyptian mongoose : Herpestes ichneumon

mendi (Eus.) : mountain

mérgulo atlántico : little auk : Alle alle

merina : merino

mesa : meseta surrounded by escarpments; tableland; plateau

meseta : extensive, flat or gently-undulating land higher than surrounding areas. Central Spain is divided into two Mesetas.

migración : migration

milano negro : black kite : Milvus migrans

milano real : red kite : Milvus milvus

milpiés : millipede

minifundio : small holding, common, for example in Galicia and Asturias

mirador : viewpoint

mirlo acuático : dipper : Cinclus cinclus

mirlo capiblanco : ring ouzel : Turdus torquatus

mirlo común : blackbird : Turdus merula

mistral : cold, stormy north-easterly wind which blows from the mouth of the Ebro to the Gulf of Genoa

mito : long-tailed tit : Aegithalus caudatus

mochuelo boreal : tengmalm's owl : Aegolius funereus

mochuelo europeo : little owl : Athene noctua

moheda : high hill with scrub vegetation

molleja : gizzard

mona de berbería: Barbary ape : Macaca sylvanus

monería : big game hunting, e.g. of wild boar

montado : the dehesa as it is known in Portugal

montanera : acorn-rich pastures fed on by Iberian pigs; the period during which the pig grazes here

monte : hills; mountains; hill

monte bajo : low montane

mora : blackberry

morera : mulberry

morito común : glossy ibis : Plegadis falcinellus

morrena : moraine

mosca de la fruta : fruit fly

mosca doméstica : house fly

moscardón : bluebottle

mosquitero canario : canary islands chiffchaff : Phylloscopus canariensis

mosquitero común : common chiffchaff : Phylloscopus collybita

mosquitero de Pallas : Pallas's leaf warbler : Phylloscopus proregulus

mosquitero de Schwarz : Radde's warbler : Phylloscopus schwarzi

mosquitero ibérico : Iberian chiffchaff : Phylloscopus brehmii

mosquitero musical : willow warbler : Phylloscopus trochilus

mosquitero papialbo : western bonelli's warbler : Phylloscopus bonelli

mosquitero silbador : wood warbler : Phylloscopus sibilatrix

muela : mound; steep hill

muflón: mouflon: Ovis ammon

muixó (Delta de Ebro) : bird

mula : slough (skin); moult (fur) :

murciélago de borde claro : Kuhl's pipistrelle : Pipistrellus kuhli

murciélago de cueva: Schreiber's bat: Miniopterus schreibersi

murciélago de Madeira : Madeira pipistrelle : Pipistrellus maderensis

murciélago de Nathusius: Nathusiu's pipistrelle : Pipistrellus nathusii

murciélago enano ( or de Cabrera) : common pipistrelle : Pipistrellus mediterraneus

murciélago enano : pipistrelle or common bat : Pipistrellus pipistrellus

murciélago grande de herradura: greater horseshoe bat: Rhinolophus ferrumequinun

murciélago hortelano : serotine bat : Eptesicus serotinus

murciélago mediano de herradura: Mehely's horseshoe bat: Rhinolophus mehelyi

murciélago mediterráneo de herradura : Mediterranean horseshoe bat : Rhinolophus euryale

murciélago montañero : Savi's pipistrelle : Hypsugo savii

murciélago orejudo canario: Tenerife long-eared bat: Plecotus teneriffae

murciélago orejudo dorado : brown long-eared bat : Plecotus auritus

murciélago orejudo gris: grey long-eared bat: Plecotus austriacus

murciélago pequeño de herradura : lesser horseshoe bat : Rhinolophus hipposideros

murciélago rabudo: European free-tailed bat: Tadarida teniotis

murciélago ratonero bigotudo : whiskered bat : Myotis mystacinus

murciélago ratonero forestal: B echstein's bat : Myotis bechsteini

murciélago ratonero grande : greater mouse-eared bat : Myotis myotis

murciélago ratonero gris: Natterer's bat: Myotis nattereri

murciélago ratonero mediano : lesser mouse-eared bat : Myotis blythii

murciélago ratonero pardo: Geoffroy's bat: Myotis emarginata

murciélago ratonero patudo : long-fingered bat : Myotis capaccinii

murciélago ratonero ribereño: Daubenton's bat: Myotis daubentoni

musagaño enano : pygmy white-toothed shrew : Suncus etruscus

musaraña bicolor (or colicuadrada): common shrew: Sorex araneus

musaraña canaria : Canary shrew : Crocidura canariensis

musaraña del campo : lesser white-toothed shrew : Crocidura suaveolens

musaraña del Osorio : Osorio shrew : Crocidura osorio

musaraña enana: pygmy shrew: Sorex minitus

musaraña gris : greater white-toothed shrew : Crocidura russula

musaraña ibérica: Spanish shrew: Sorex granarius

musaraña tricolor : Millet's shrew : Sorex coronatus

muscadino común: common dormouse : Muscardinus avellanarius

musgaño de Cabrera : Miller's water shrew : Neomys anomalus

musgaño patiblanco: water shrew : Neomys fodiens

musgo : moss


macizo English translation
massifs in Spain
massif in Spanish
madreselva in English
Spanish translation mistletoe
madriguera in English
burrow in Spanish
maizal English translation
corn fields in Spain
corn field in Spanish
majada in English
sheepfold in Spanish
manada in English
Spanish translation pack
manantial English translation
manzanal in English
apple orchards in Spain
apple orchard in Spanish
mar English translation
seas in Spain
Spanish translation sea
mar de fondo in English
swell in Spanish
mar encrespado in English
heavy swell in Spanish
mar gruesa in English
rough sea in Spanish
mar picado in English
choppy sea in Spanish
marea English translation
tides in Spain
tide in Spanish
marea alta in English
high tide in Spanish
marea baja in English
low tide in Spanish
marea negra English translation
oil slick in Spanish
marga in English
loam in Spanish
marl in Spanish
mariposa English translation
butterflies in Spain
butterflies in Spanish
ladybird in Spanish
marisma in English
marshes in Spain
Spanish translation marsh
swamp in Spanish
mata in English
bushes in Spain
bush in Spanish
shrubs in Spain
shrub in Spanish
matorral English translation
scrub in Spanish
heath in Spanish
meandro English translation
meander in Spanish.
médano in English
sand dunes in Spain
sand dune in Spanish
merina : merino
meseta in English
migración in English
migration in Spain
migration in Spanish
milpiés in English
millipede in Spanish
minifundio in English
mirador : viewpoint
mistral in English
moheda in English
molleja English translation
gizzard in Spanish
montanera in English
monte in English
monte bajo in English
low montane in Spanish
morrena English translation
moraines in Spain
moraine in Spanish
mosca de la fruta in English
Spanish translation fruit fly
mosca doméstica in English
house fly in Spanish
moths in Spain
Spanish translation moth
moscardón in English
bluebottle Spanish
muela in English
mound in Spanish
musgo English translation
moss in Spain
moss in Spanish




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