An English-Spanish glossary of the Natural History of Spain


labrador : farmer

labriego : farmer

lacha : breed of black-headed sheep, particularly resistant to harsh mountain conditions. Roncal and Idiazábal cheeses are made from their milk.

ladera : hillside; mountainside.

lagao (Gal.) : lagoon

lagar : winepress; oil press

lagartija : small lizard

lagarto : large lizard

lago : lake

lagópodo alpino : ptarmigan : Lagopus mutus

laguna : lagoon; pool

lagunilla : small lagoon or pool

laja : large, flat, thin stone :

landa : wild plain

langosta : locust (land); lobster (sea)

latifundio : huge estates often owned by absentee land owners and traditionally worked by poor peasants

lavandera blanca : pied wagtail : Motacilla alba

lavandera boyera : yellow wagtail : Motacilla flava

lavandera cascadeña : grey wagtail : Motacilla cinerea

lazo : snare

lebeche : south-westerly wind from the Mediterranean

lebrato : young hare

lecho : riverbed

lechuza común : barn owl : Tyto alba

leña : firewood

lepisma : silverfish

lepo (Eus.) : summit

letrina : midden (mammals) :

levante : easterly wind from the Mediterranean.

libélula : dragonfly

liebre de piornal : broom hare : Lepus castroviejoi

liebre europea : brown hare : Lepus europaeus

liebre ibérica : Iberian hare : Lepus granatensis

limaco (Arag.) : slug :

limícola : wader

limo : silt

lince : lynx :

lince iberico: iberian lynx; Lynx pardina. See full article on Iberian lynx + news on the Iberian lynx

lince boreal: Eurasian lynx: Lynx Lynx. In the past was present in Northern Pyrenees in Spain and France, its southerly limit forming the Iberian lynx's northern frontier. Nearest populations today are Alps some 450 km away.

liquen : lichen :

lirón careto : garden dormouse : Eliomys quercinus

lirón gris : edible dormouse : Glis glis

loba : she-wolf

lobada : indiscriminate, mass slaughter of livestock/prey by wolves

lobato : wolf cub

lobera : wolf den lobería : wolf hunt

lobero : wolf hunter

lobezno : wolf cub

lobo : wolf : Canis lupus

lodazal : muddy area

lodo : mud

loma : hill; low ridge.

lombriz : earthworm :

luciérnaga : glow-worm

lucio : reed beds; clear channels in Doñana

ludria (Arag.): otter

lúgano : siskin : Carduelis spinus

lumiaco (Cant): slug

lurte (Arag.) avalanche; landslide

LL :

llac (Cat.) : lake

llano : plain

llanura : plain.

llanura aluvial : floodplain

llerones/lleronas/llerizasa (Cant) : screes, extensive stony areas caused by torrents :

llopu (Ast.) : wolf :

llovizna : drizzle



labrador English translation
farmer in Spanish
Spanish translation farmer
labriego in English
lacha in English
ladera English translation
hillside in Spanish
mountainside in Spanish
lagar in English
winepress in Spanish
oil press in Spanish
laguna English translation
Spanish translation lagoon
lagunilla in English
laja in English
landa in English
latifundio in English
lebeche in English
lebrato in English
lecho in English
riverbed in Spanish
leña English translation
Spanish translation
lepisma in English
silverfish in Spanish
levante in English
libélula English translation
dragonfly in Spanish
limaco in English
limícola in English
waders in Spain
wader in Spanish
limo English translation
silt in Spanish
liquen in English
Spanish translation lichen
loba in English
she-wolf in Spanish
lobada in English
lobato in English
wolf cub in Spanish
lobera in English
wolf den in Spanish
lobería in English
wolf hunt in Spanish
lobero in English
wolf hunter in Spanish
lobezno English translation
lodazal in English
lodo in English
loma in Spanish
lombriz English translation
earthworms in Spain
earthworm in Spanish
luciérnaga in English
Spanish translation glow-worm
llano in English
plains in Spain
plain in Spanish
llanura English translation
llanura aluvial in English
floodplains in Spain
llovizna in English
Spanish translation drizzle




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Iberian Landscape and Nature Dictionary