An English-Spanish glossary of the Natural History of Spain

R :

rabia : rabies

rabilargo : azure-winged magpie : Cyanopica cyana

rabión : rapids.

rabo : tail

ráfaga : gust of wind

raitán (Ast.) : robin

raíz : root

rama : branch

ramaje : branches

rambla : watercourse; torrent; stream; dry river

ramón : branches either cut from trees by shepherds or resulting from pruning and used to feed livestock

rana: frog

raña : scrub plain with dehesa , as in La Raña of Cabañeros

rapiegu : (Ast) : fox :

raposo (reg) : fox

rasa : flat coatal area separated from the sea by cliffs. Common along the Cantabrian coast.

rascón europeo : water rail : Rallus aquaticus

rastro : scent; track (animal) :

rastrojo : stubble.

rata almizclera: muskrat: Ondatra zibethica

rata de agua: southern water vole: Arvicola sapidus

rata negra : black rat : Rattus rattus

rata parda: brown rat : Rattus norvegicus

rata topera : water vole : Arvicola terrestres

ratón casero: house mouse: Mus domesticus

ratón de campo : wood mouse : Apodemus sylvaticus

ratón espigeuro: harvest mouse : Micromys minutus

ratón leonado : yellow-necked mouse : Apodemus flavicollis

ratón moruno: Algerian mouse: Mus spretus

rayón : young boar. The name is in reference to the stripes (rayas) along its back. Also known as 'jabato'. :

rebaño : flock (sheep)

rebeco (or sarrio) : chamois : Rupicapra rupicapra

rebezo (Gal. + Ast.) : chamois

rec (Cat.) : irrigation ditch

redil : wooden sheep pen

refugi (Cat.) : mountain refuge

refugio : mountain refuge

regajo : rain-fed temporary stream or pool

regato : regajo

rego (Gal.) : stream

reguera : irration channal

reguero : reguera

relámpago: lightning

rellano : ledge

remanso : pool; backwater

remolino de agua : whirlpool

renacuajo : tadpole

repecho : short but steep slope

represa : dam; weir

reproducción : breeding

res : cow; head of livestock :

reserva de caza : hunting preserve . Reserva Nacional de Caza

restinga : sandbar

retinta : dark brown breed of cattle native of Extremadura

reyezuelo listado : firecrest : Regulus ignicapillus

reyezuelo sencillo : goldcrest : Regulus regulus

reyezuelo tinerfeño : Tenerife kinglet : Regulus teneriffae

ría : estuary; ria

riachuelo : small stream

riada : flash flood

rial (Cat.) : stream

ribazo : steep slope

ribera : riverbank; beach; shore

riega (Ast.) : stream

riego : irrigation

rio : river

riscal : craggy area.

risco : cliff; crag

riu (Cat.) : river

robezo (Ast) : chamois

robledal : oak wood

robledal : oakwood

rocío : dew

roedor : rodent :

roquedal : rocky place.

roquedo : rock; crag :

roquero rojo : rock thrush : Monticola saxatilis

roquero solitario : blue rock thrush : Monticola solitarius

rozo : forage obtained from weeding fields. :

rubia gallega : breed of Galician cow

ruiseñor bastardo : Cetti's warbler : Cettia cetti

ruiseñor común : rufous nightingale : Luscinia megarhynchos


How do you say rabies in Spanish?
Spanish translation of rabies
Rapids in Spanish
Rapids in Spain
rabo English translation
rabo en inglés
Spanish translation tail
ráfaga en inglés
gust in Spanish
Spanish translation robin
English translation raíz en inglés
root Spanish translation
English translation rama en inglés
branch Spanish translation
How do you say branches in Spanish?
en inglés rambla English translation
watercourse in Spanish
dry river in Spain
rana en inglés
Spanish translation frog
rastro in inglés traducción
scent in Spanish
animal track Spanish :
en inglés rastrojo traducción
stubble in Spain
Spanish translation stubble
rebaño English translation
:Spanish translation flock
redil in english
Spanish translation sheep pen
mountain refuge Spanish translation
mountain refuges in Spain
English translation of relámpago :
Spanish translation of lightning
ledge Spanish translation
remanso en inglés
backwater in Spanish
backwaters in Spain:
remolino en inglés
Spanish translation whirlpool
renacuajo English translation
Spanish translation tadpole
Tadpoles in Spain
How do you say tadpole in Spanish?
repecho English
English translation represa
Spanish dams
Weirs in Spain
How do you say weir in spanish?
Weir Spanish translation
breeding Spanish translation
livestock Spanish translation
livestock in Spain
reserva de caza English
Spanish translation sandbar
estuary Spanish translation
How do you say Estuary in Spanish?
riachuelo in English
riada English
flash flood Spanish translation
flash food Spain
How do you say river Spanish?
ribera English translation
Spanish translation riverbank
English translation: irrigation
river Spanish translation
rio en inglés
How do you say chamois in Spanish?
oakwood Spanish translation
rocío English
Spanish translation dew
rodent Spanish translation
spanish rodents
rodents in Spain










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