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Spanish Flora

  • There are an estimated 8000 (nobody really knows) plant species in Spain, 2000 of which are endemic to the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa .
  • Potentially, 95% of Spain would be covered in some form of forest. 20-28% of forest cover remains today. 50% of this is pine forest.
  • Some 105 species of autochthonous trees grow in Spain (nobody agrees on the exact figure). 44 of these are capable of forming true woods. 33 grow in the Canaries
  • The most common tree in Spain is probably the holm oak ( encina ), estimated in 1995 at 682,881,000 specimens. However, despite these numbers many holm oak woods are made up of immature specimens.
  • 50% of the 2000 plants found in the Canaries are endemic.


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