An English-Spanish glossary of the Natural History of Spain


eider común : common eider : Somateria mollissima

elanio común : black-shouldered kite : Elanus caeruleus

embalse : reservoir

embassament  (Cat.) : reservoir

encainada ( Ast . esp. Picos de Europa ) : fog :

encañada : drover's road as it passes through a gorge

encinar : holm oak wood

ensenada : inlet; creek

ería ( Ast .) : cultivated land

erial : uncultivated land

erizo europeo : western hedgehog : Erinaceus europaeus

erizo moruno : Algerian hedgehog : Atelerix algirus

ermita : hermitage

erraj : small pieces of charcoal made from ground olive stones

erreka ( Eus .) : stream

escama : scale (reptile) :

escanda : emmer wheat :

escañeto (Cant.) : bear cub

escarabajo : beetle

escarabajo pelotero : dung beetle

escarcha : frost

escarpa : escarpment; scarp; slope.

escobio ( Ast .) gorge : :

escolancio/esculibiertu ( Ast ) : slowworm :

escolopendra : megarian banded centipede ( Scolopendra cingulata )

Photo of Megarian Banded Centipede kindly sent to me by Clive of Natural Images. Clive runs guided walking tours in the Sierra de Grazalema

See megarian banded centipede

escorpión amarillo (or alacrán ) : Mediterranean scorpion ( Buthus occitanus )

See Scorpions in Spain

escorrentía : run-off

escribano cerillo : yellowhammer : Emberiza citrinella

escribano hortelano : ortolan bunting : Emberiza hortulana

escribano montesino : rock bunting : Emberiza cia

escribano nival : snow bunting : Plectrophenax nivalis

escribano palustre : reed bunting : Emberiza schoeniclus

escribano pigmeo : little bunting : Emberiza pusilla

escribano soteño : cirl bunting : Emberiza cirlus

escuerzo (col.) toad

esmerejón : merlin : Falco columbarius

espátula común : eurasian spoonbill : Platalea leucorodia

espeleología : caving

espolón : spur (physical)

espluga (Cat.) : cave, as in Esplugues de Llobregat

esquileo : sheering

esquisto : schist

establo : stable

estanque : pond

estany (Cat.) : lake; pond

estepa : steppe

estero : estuary; temporary pool

estiércol : dung

estornino negro : spotless starling : Sturnus unicolor

estornino pinto : common starling : Sturnus vulgaris

estrella de mar : starfish
Starfish from the Costa da Morte in Galicia. which at first sight seems to have almost recovered from the Prestige disaster, seabirds aside..I don't know how mush the biodiversity has been affected but the biomass is back (crabs, carpets of mussels and percebes -pedunculate barnacle???- all along, great snorkling, and more starfish than I've seen. I know squat about the sea but Jim Greenfield over at wild-spain identified them for me:

The two on the left are Marthasterias glacialis commonly called the Spiny Starfish. Like many things marine, there can be significant colour variation within the specie. The two colours here are typical of Marthasterias. I think the one on the right is Asterias rubens otherwise called the Common Starfish. Usually it is a lighter colour - brown/yellow with a touch of red is typical but it is also found in violet as here. It really is a very common beast and can occur in colossal numbers at times. Here's what Jim's got to say about the Islas Medas:

estrecho : strait

estribaciones : foothills; spurs

estribo : spur

eucalipto : eucalyptus

see role of eucalyptus in Fires in Spain



embalse English translation
reservoirs in Spain
reservoir in Spanish
encañada in English
encinar in English
holm oak woods in Spain
Spanish translation holm oak wood
ensenada English translation
inlet in Spanish
creek in Spanish
erial in English
ermita in English
Spanish translation hermitage
escama en English
scale in Spanish
escanda in English
emmer wheat in Spanish
escarabajo English translation
beetles in Spain
beetle in Spanish
escarabajo pelotero in English
Spanish translation dung beetle
escarcha in English
frost in Spain
frost in Spanish
escarpa in English
escarpment in Spanish
scarp in Spanish
escolopendra in English
megarian banded centipede in Spanish
escorpión amarillo en English
Mediterranean scorpion in Spanish
espeleología English translation
caving in Spanish
esquileo in English
sheering in Spain
sheering in Spanish
esquisto in English
schist in Spanish
establo English translation
Spanish translation stable
estanque in English
pond in Spanish
estepa in English
steppes in Spain
steppe in Spanish
estero in English
estuaries in Spain
estuary in Spanish
estiércol English translation
dung in Spanish
estrella de mar in English
starfish in Spain
Spanish translation starfish
estrecho in English
straits in Spain
strait in Spanish
estribaciones in English
foothills in Spanish
spurs in Spanish
estribo in English
spur in Spanish
eucalipto in English
eucalyptus in Spain
eucalyptus in Spanish






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Iberian Landscape and Nature Dictionary