An English-Spanish glossary of the Natural History of Spain


daina (Cat) : fallow deer

declive : slope

dehesa : Sparse wood pasture of holm and evergreen cork oak, gazed by livestock, and without scrub undergrowth. Unique to Iberia .

See Dehesa

delta : delta

derrumbe : cliff (off which it is easy to fall)

desamortizaciones : sale of church, common and state lands, primarliy during the 19th century, which was to have a huge effect on the Spanish landscape.

desfiladero : gorge

desgalgadero : steep scree slope; cliff

deshielo : thaw

desierto : desert

desmán ibérico : Pyrenean desman : Galemys pyrenacius

desovadero : spawning ground

desove : spawning

despeñadero : cliff; precipice.

desprendimiento de tierras : landslide

dique : dyke

duna : dune



dehesa in English
desamortizaciones in English
desfiladero English translation
Spanish translation gorge
desgalgadero in English
steep scree slope in Spanish
cliff in spanish
deshielo English translation
thaw in Spanish
desierto in English
deserts in Spain
Spanish translation desert
desovadero in English
spawning ground in Spanish
desove in English
spawning in Spanish
despeñadero in English
precipice in Spanish
desprendimiento de tierras in English
landslide in Spanish
dique English translation
dykes in Spain
dyke in Spanish
duna in English
dunes in Spain
Spanish translation dune






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