An English-Spanish glossary of the Natural History of Spain


babosa : slug

badía (Arag.) : river pool

badia (Gal.+Cat.) : bay

bahía : bay

baja montaña : low montane

bajamar : low tide

baldío : uncultivated land; common land

balsa : small artificial pond

bancal : artificial or natural terrace used for cultivation

bandada : flock (birds)

bando : flock (birds)

bañadero : watering hole where wild animals frequently bathe

barbastela (or murciélago de bosque : barbastelle : Barbastella barbastellus

barbecho : fallow land

bardal (Cant): thorny scrub area

barnacla cariblanca : barnacle goose : Branta leucopsis

barnacla carinegra : Brent goose : Branta bernicla

barra de arena : sandbar

barraca : Traditional thatched hut of Valencia , Murcia and El Delta de Ebro in Catalonia

barranca : gully; ravine.

barrancal : place full of ravines

barrizal : muddy area

barro : mud

basa (Arag.) : irrigation pond

baserria (Eus.) : alquería . Isolated farmhouse or group of farm buildings.

bassa (Cat.) : lagoon; pool ; irrigation tank

baya : berry

becerro : one- or two-year old calf

bellota : acorn

See Acorns and rats in Castile

bermejo : adolescent boar :

berrocal : area with berrueco s

berrueco : granite monolith; granite boulder

bigotes : whiskers (mammal)

bigotudo : bearded tit : Panurus biarmicus

bisbita alpino : water pipit : Anthus spinoletta

bisbita arbóreo : tree pipit : Anthus trivialis

bisbita caminero : berhelot's pipit : Anthus berthelotii

bisbita campestre : tawny pipit : Anthus campestris

bisbita común : meadow pipit : Anthus pratensis

bisbita costero : rock pipit : Anthus petrosus

bisbita de Richard : Richard's pipit : Anthus richardi

bisbita del pechora : pechora pipit : Anthus gustavi

bisbita gorgirrojo : red-throated pipit : Anthus cervinus

boalar (Arag.) : dehesa Sparse wood pasture in Aragonese Pyrenees but here grazed by cows. Also known as 'dehesa boyal' (boyal from bueyes).

bocana : river (mouth); channel connecting lagoon with the sea; narrow channel between an island and the mainland.

bodón : pool which dries in winter. Used around the Duero Valley

boira (Arag. Cat.) : fog

borda (Cat.) : shepherd's hut in Pyrenees

borrego/a : one- or two-year old lamb

borreguiles : peat bog and marshy grasslands in the Sierra Nevada See borreguiles

borrina (Ast) : fog

bortu (Eus.) : mountain pass

boscaje : small wood

bosque : forest; wood

bosque de galería : riverine forest; galley forest

bosque de ribera : riverine forest

bosquecillo : copse; grove

bosquete : copse

brama : stag rutting

braña (Ast+Cant) : summer pasture; the now permanent summer camps of the vaqueiros de alzada

breña : rough scrub ground.

breñal : area of breña

brezo : heather

brezal : heather moor

brisa : breeze

bruma : mist; esp. sea mist

bufadero : blow-hole (coastal landform and whale)

buhedal : bog

búho campestre : short-eared owl : Asio flammeus

búho chico : long-eared owl : Asio otus

búho real : eagle owl : Bubo bubo

buitre leonado : griffon vulture : Gyps fulvus

buitre negro : monk vulture : Aegypius monachus

buitrón : zitting cisticola : Cisticola juncidis

burrión (Ast.) : small mound of hay :

buscarla pintoja : grasshopper warbler : Locustella naevia

buscarla unicolor : savi's warbler : Locustella luscinioides



babosa in English
Spanish translation slug
slugs in Spain
bahía English translation
bay in Spanish
baja montaña in English
low montane in Spanish
bajamar English translation
low tides in Spain
low tide in Spanish
balsa in English
bancal in English
bañadero in English
barbecho in English
fallow lands in Spain
fallow land in Spanish
barra de arena in English
sandbar in Spanish
barraca in English
barranca in English
gully in Spanish
ravine in Spanish
barrancal in English
barrizal English translation
barro English translation
Spanish translation mud
baya in English
berries in Spain
berry in Spanish
becerro in English
bellota English translation
acorn in Spanish
berrocal in English
berrueco in English
granite monolith in Spanish
grannite boulder in Spanish
bigotes in English
wiskers in Spanish
bocana in English
bodón in English
borrego in English
borreguiles in English
peat bogs in Spain
peat bog in Spanish
boscaje in English
bosque English translation
forests in Spain
Spanish translation forest
woods in Spain
wood in Spanish
bosque de galería in English
riverine forests in Spain
riverine forest in Spanish
galley forests in Spain
galley forest in Spanish
bosque de ribera in English
bosquecillo in English
copse in Spanish
grove in Spanish
bosquete in English
brama in English
stag rutting in Spain
stag rutting in Spanish
braña in English
breña in English
brezo English translation
heather in Spain
Spanish translation heather
brezal in English
heather moor in Spanish
brisa English translation
breeze in Spanish
bruma in English
mist in Spain
mist in Spanish
bufadero in English
blow-hole in Spanish
buhedal in English
bog in Spanish
burrión in English








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Iberian Landscape and Nature Dictionary