An English-Spanish glossary of the Natural History of Spain


tábano : horse fly

See Bites and stings in Spain + Land invertebrates in Spain

tabayones (Ast.) : cascades

tabla : watertable and where this reaches ground level, as in the surfacing of waters in Las Tablas de Damiel

tabora (Cant) : bog; marsh

tajo : cleft; steep cliff.

talud : slope; bank; talus

tarabilla canaria : Canary islands stonechat : Saxicola dacotiae

tarabilla común : common stonechat : Saxicola torquata

tarabilla norteña : whinchat : Saxicola rubetra

tarro blanco : common shelduck : Tadorna tadorna

tarro canelo : ruddy shelduck : Tadorna ferruginea

tartera (Cat.) : scree

tasugo (Cant): badger

tejo : yew

tejón : badger : Meles meles. Click for article on Badger in Spain

tejonera : badger's set

tela de araña : cobweb

tempestad : storm

temporal : storm

terremoto : earthquake :

terrera común : short-toed lark : Calandrella brachydactyla

terrera marismeña : lesser short-toed lark : Calandrella rufescens

teso : low flat-topped hill

tijereta : earwig

tocón : tree stump

tolla : bog

tolmo : large rock; crag

topillo agreste : field vole : Microtus agrestis

topillo campesino : common vole : Microtus arvalis

topillo de Cabrera : Cabrera's vole : Microtus cabrerae

topillo lusitano : Lusitanian pine vole : Microtus lusitanicus

topillo mediterráneo : Mediterranean pine vole : Microtus duodecimcostatus

topillo pirenaico : Pyrenean pine vole : Microtus gerbei

topillo rojo : bank vole : Clethrionomys glareolus

topo europeo : common mole : Talpa europaea

topo ibérico : Iberian mole : Talpa occidentalis

torca : Circular depression with steep sides due to collapse of land, as in Las Torcas de Cuenca

torcal : Limestone area with torcas .

torcecuello : wryneck : Jynx torquilla

torillo andaluz : small button-quail : Turnix sylvatica

torrent (Cat.) : torrente

torrente : fast-flowing stream, usually temporary

torrentera : gully :

tórtola europea : european turtle dove : Streptopelia turtur

tórtola turca : eurasian collared dove : Streptopelia decaocto

totovía : wood lark : Lullula arborea

tozal : summit of a hill from which there is a view of the surrounding area.

trampal : peat bog

tramuntana (Cat.) : northerly wind blowing from the Pyrnees down the Catalan coast

transhumancia : transhumance

tremedal : peat bog

trepador azul : european nuthatch : Sitta europaea

trepador(a) : creeper (plant); climber (animal)

treparriscos : wallcreeper : Tichodroma muraria

trigal : wheat field

trigo : wheat

triguero : corn bunting : Miliaria calandra

tritón: newt

troj : place used for storing cereals

troje : troj

tromba de agua : downpour

tronco : trunk (tree)

truébanu (Ast) : beehive

trujal : winepress; oil press; oil mill

tuc (Cat): jagged peak

tudanca (Cant):

Breed of black, long-horned cattle from Cantabria. Its short front legs are an adaptation to the steep slopes of the Cabuérniga and Nansa Valleys in the Cantabrian mountains . Also characterised by white patching over eyes known as the Sanguijuela. Nowadays is bred exclusively for its frankly superb meat. Picture here . The bull is almost jet black like a typical Spanish one. Moved up to the high pastures to graze on 15th-16th June until where they are left until October. There are reckoned to be some 15,000 left, many of which are probably mixed with Frisian or other cows. Considered to be "endangered" Brief but excellent Tudanca lover site here , where we learn the terms:
duenda: a cow which pulls a cart
bello : 0-1 year-old cow
rechao: 1-2 year-old cow
castraorio: 2-3 year-old cow






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