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Veleta or Pico de Veleta

Veleta or Pico de Veleta (3392m) is the third highest mountain in the Iberian Peninsula and the second highest in the Cordillera Panbética after Mulhacén . Under its shadow side lies Corral del Veleta , a permafrost area of fossil ice dating from 13 million years, a remnant of the glacier present here until 1913. Corral de la Veleta what was the southernmost glacier in Europe.  Until 1805 no one was sure whether Veleta (3,396 m) or Mulhacen (3,479 m) was the highest peak in Iberia. Locals, possibly ironically, know the gently sloping but immense Mulhacen as a 'cerro' or hill, while the more spectacular Veleta is accorded the status of a mountain. 
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I remember the wonder at seeing the Sierra Nevada cloaked in snow the first time I went to Granada in a sweltering June in 1988. I've been back twice since at Easter, and all you could see from the city were a few patches on Veleta, the peak that frames La Alhambra. This undoubtedly makes it one of the most photographed peaks in the world. The Sierra de Nevada ski station is located here.

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