An English-Spanish glossary of the Natural History of Spain


  • abedul : birch

abeja : bee

See Bees in Spain

  • abeja melera : honeybee
  • abejaruco común : European bee-eater ( Merops apiaster)
  • abejero europeo : European honey-buzzard ( Pernis apivorus)
  • abejorro : bubblebee
  • abertal : parched and cracked land due to drought
  • abetal: firwood
  • abeto : fir
  • abono : fertiliser
  • ábrego : warm and humid south-easterly wind which brings rains to Central and South West Spain
  • See Winds in Spain
  • abrevadero : drinking trough pool, or tank
  • abubilla : hoopoe ( Upupa epops )

acampo : dehesa

See article in the dehesa in Spain

  • acantilado : sea cliff
  • acárabo (acárabo) : tawny owl
  • acebo : holly
  • acebuche : wild olive tree

acentor alpino : Alpine accentor : Prunella collaris

See Alpine accentor in Spain

  • acentor común : hedge accentor : Prunella modularis
  • acequia : irrigation ditch

acorn : bellota; glande; glà (Cat.) The acorn of the holm oak is the staple of that most Spanish of animals: the cerdo ibérico, which gives us jamón ibérico. Holm oak and similar acorns are also known as glandes.

See: Acorns and rats in Castile. Islands of holm oak condemned?

  • acuicultura : fish and seafood farming
  • acuífero : aquifer

adder : víbora (see snakes in Spain)

  • agachadiza chica : jack snipe : Lymnocryptes minimus
  • agachadiza común : common snipe : Gallinago gallinago
  • agateador común : short-toed treecreeper : Certhia brachydactyla
  • agateador norteño : Eurasian treecreeper : Certhia familiaris
  • aguacero : heavy rain, downpour
  • aguadero : drinking hole for animals
  • aguanieve : sleet
  • aguarrada : short, light shower
  • aguazal : boggy ground
  • águila imperial ibérica : Spanish imperial eagle : Aquila adalberti

Spanish Imperial eagle recovering + Origin of Iberian Lynx and Imperial Eagle

  • águila moteada : spotted eagle : Aquila clanga
  • águila pescadora : osprey : Pandion haliaetus

See Ospreys in Spain

  • águila pomerana : lesser spotted eagle : Aquila pomarina
  • águila real : golden eagle : Aquila chrysaetos
  • águila-azor perdicera : Bonelli's eagle : Hieraaetus fasciatus

See Bonelli's eagle in Spain

  • aguilera : eagle's nest
  • aguililla calzada : booted eagle : Hieraaetus pennatus
  • aguilucho cenizo : Montagu's harrier : Circus pygargus
  • aguilucho lagunero occidental : marsh harrier : Circus aeruginosus
  • aguilucho pálido : hen harrier : Circus cyaneus
  • aguja : jagged peak
  • aguja colinegra : black-tailed godwit : Limosa limosa
  • aguja colipinta : bar-tailed godwit : Limosa lapponica
  • agujón : sting

aiguamolls (Cat.): coastal marsh(es), as in Els Aiguamolls de l'Empordà which despite being a testimony of their former extent are still one of the best and most accessible bird watching sites in Spain. See Els Aiguamolls de l'Empordà + Els Aiguamolls and the legend of El Bruel + Wetlands in Spain

Albaran Sea : Mar de Albarán

A part of the western basin of the Mediterranean Sea that extends from the Gibraltar Strait eastwards until it merges with the Balearic Sea . The Alboran Islands MORE TO COME

  • alacrán ( or escorpión amarillo) : Mediterranean scorpion ( Buthus occitanus )

See Scorpions in Spain

  • albariza : saltwater lagoon
  • alberca : small irrigation pond
  • albina : saltwater lagoon
  • albufeira (Gal.) : albufera

albufera : coastal marsh, the most famous of which is L' Albufera near Valencia. From the Arabic, al-buhaira, for 'the lagoon' or 'the small sea'. See Wetlands in Spain

  • alca común : razorbill : Alca torda
  • alcaraván común : stone-curlew : Burhinus oedicnemus
  • alcarria : high-flat plateau with little vegetation.
  • alcatraz atlántico : northern gannet : Sula bassana
  • alcaudón chico : lesser grey shrike : Lanius minor
  • alcaudón común : woodchat shrike : Lanius senator
  • alcaudón dorsirrojo : red-backed shrike : Lanius collurio
  • alcaudón norteño : great grey shrike : Lanius excubitor
  • alcaudón real : southern grey shrike : Lanius meridionalis
  • alcor : hill
  • alcotán europeo : hobby : Falco subbuteo

alder : aliso

  • aldea : small village or hamlet
  • alero : young deer
  • alevín : young fish; fry
  • alfac (Cat.) :
  • alfaguara : fast-flowing, turbulent spring.
  • algas : seaweed; algae

Algerian hedgehog: erizo moruno (Atelerix algirus). Restricted to the eastern Mediterranean coast where its numbers have been decimated by vehicles. Considered rare. See Hedgehogs in Spain

Algerian mouse: ratón moruno (Mus spretus). Present everywhere except the Cantabrian strip and Pyrenees. Stays away from human habitation. Common in more arid areas. Absent from Canaries.

Almeria. Read article here

  • alimoche común : egyptian vulture : Neophron percnopterus
  • aliso : alder
  • aliviadero : overflow channel (of dam)
  • aljibe : cistern; tank.
  • almajal : boggy land

Almanzor: Almanzor (2,592m) in the Sierra de Gredos is the highest mountain in Sistema Central and the province of Ávila . Read

  • almarjal : rain-fed boggy ground
  • almazara : olive oil mill
  • almiar : rounded hay stack built around a central pole
  • almizcle : musk :
  • almohadilla : pad (paw) :
  • alondra común : sky lark : Alauda arvensis
  • alondra de dupont : dupont's lark : Chersophilus duponti

See Dupont's Lark in Spain

alpine accentor : acentor alpino; cercavores (Cat) (Prunella collaris) See Alpine accentor in Spain

alpine swift : vencejo real; ballester (Cat.) (Apus melba)

alquería : isolated farmhouse or group of farm buildings. Particularly in the Basque Country where in Euskera they are known as baserrias



On a summer's day in 1879, an amateur anthropologist and his eight-year old daughter were exploring the area around Santillana del Mar, when they came across an opening to a cave. It had been exposed a few years previously by a landslide provoked by heavy rains. A hunter had chanced upon it the year before, but finding no bears or wolves, he continued on his way. Intrigued, father and daughter lit their charcoal lamps and climbed in through the entrance. As the anthropologist scoured the floor for bones and arrowheads his daughter looked up to the cave's ceiling and exclaimed, "Look Dad, they're cows! ( Mira, Papá, son bueyes )" .

What they saw now forms part of Spanish and World culture. The Altamira site is one of the ...Read

  • alta montaña: high mountain; high montane (flora and fauna)
  • altiplanicie : extensive high plateau
  • altiplano : synonym of altiplanicie
  • altozano : small hill
  • alud : avalanche.
  • aluvión : flash flood transporting, sand, mud and gravel; alluvium.
  • alzacola : rufous-tailed scrub-robin : Cercotrichas galactotes

american mink : visón americano (Mustela vision). European and American mink

amphibian : anfibio

See amphibians in Spain

  • ánade azulón : mallard
  • ánade friso : gadwall : Anas strepera
  • ánade rabudo : pintail : Anas acuta
  • ánade real : mallard : Anas platyrhynchos
  • andarríos bastardo : wood sandpiper : Tringa glareola
  • andarríos chico : common sandpiper : Actitis hypoleucos
  • andarríos grande : green sandpiper : Tringa ochropus

Aneto: the highest mountain in the Pyrenees at 3,404 metres is part of the Maladetta ridge. The Aneto glacier is still the Read.

ant : hormiga formiga (Cat.); black ant : hormiga negra ; ant nest : hormiguero See ants in Spain

  • angra : inlet; cove
  • anidamiento : nesting
  • anillamiento : ringing (birds)

antler : asta

antlers : cornamenta

  • ánsar campestre : bean goose : Anser fabalis
  • ánsar careto : white-fronted goose : Anser albifrons
  • ánsar común : greylag goose : Anser anser
  • apicultor : bee-keeper
  • apicultura : bee-keeping See bees in Spain

apple : manzana; poma (Cat.); apple tree: manzano apple orchard : manzanal

aquatic warbler : carricerín cejudo; boscarla d'aigua (Cat) (Acrocephalus paludicola) aquatic warbler -

aquifer : acuífero

  • arán (Eus.) : valley. The name of Vall d'Arán in the Catalan Pyrenees is testament to the extent of the Basque language before Romanisation.
  • araña : spider
  • arao común : common guillemot : Uria aalge
  • árbol : tree
  • árbol de hoja caduca : deciduous tree
  • árbol de hoja perenne : evergreen tree
  • árbol frutal : fruit tree
  • arbusto : bush
  • archibebe claro : greenshank : Tringa nebularia
  • archibebe común : common redshank : Tringa totanus
  • archibebe fino : marsh sandpiper : Tringa stagnatilis
  • archibebe oscuro : spotted redshank : Tringa erythropus
  • arco iris : rainbow

Arctic skua : págalo parásito; paràsit cuapunxegut (Cat) (Stercorarius parasiticus) arctic skua

Arctic tern : charrán ártico; xatrac àrtic (Cat) (Sterna paradisaea) -arctic tern

  • ardilla moruna : Barbary ground squirrel : Atlantoxerus getulus
  • ardilla roja : red squirrel : Sciurus vulgaris
  • arenal : sandy area; sands
  • arenisca : sandstone
  • argayo : screeslope (Ast., Cant. and Visc.)
  • arista : ridge; arête
  • armiño : stoat : Mustela erminea
  • arrendajo : eurasian jay : Garrulus glandarius
  • arroyo : stream
  • arrozal : rice field

ash : fresno

  • asta : antler; horn :
  • asturcón : breed of horse from Asturias

Asturiana de la Montaña : breed of Asturian cow with a reddish hide and black rings around its eyes. Also known as casina. Currently endangered. In theory, provides milk for casina cheese.

External links:

Atlantic : Atlántico See Atlantic and Mediterranean seas of Spain

Atlantic puffin : frailecillo atlántico; Fraret (Cat.) ( Fratercula arctica)

  • aullido : howl
  • autillo europeo : eurasian scops owl : Otus scops
  • avalancha : avalanche
  • ave : bird See Birds in Spain

Audouin's gull : gaviota de Audouin; Gavina corsa (Cat.) (Larus audouinii)

Audouin's gull in Spain

avalanche : alud; avalancha; lurte (Arag.)

  • ave acuática : water bird
  • ave de ribera : shore bird
  • ave esteparia : steppe bird
  • ave nidificante : nesting bird
  • ave rapaz : bird of prey
  • ave reproductora : breeding bird
  • avefría europea : northern lapwing : Vanellus vanellus
  • avenida :
  • avetorillo común : little bittern : Ixobrychus minutus
  • avetoro común : great bittern : Botaurus stellaris
  • avifauna : birdlife
  • avión común : house martin : Delichon urbica
  • avión roquero : crag martin : Ptyonoprogne rupestris
  • avión zapador : sand martin : Riparia riparia
  • avispa : wasp
  • avispa alfarera : potter wasp
  • avispero : wasp's nest
  • avispón : hornet
  • avoceta común : avocet : Recurvirostra avosetta Avocet in Spain

avocet : avoceta común : Bec d'alena : Recurvirostra avosetta

  • avutarda común : great bustard : Otis tarda
  • avutarda hubara : houbara bustard : Chlamydotis undulata houbara bustard in Canaries
  • azor común : northern goshawk : Accipiter gentilis
  • azud : small dam (especially for irrigation).

azure-winged magpie : rabilargo; Garsa blava (Cat.) (Cyanopica cyanus)

See azure-winged magpie

How do you say bee in Spanish?

Spanish translation bee

honeybee in Spanish

honeybee Spain

Spanish translation honeybee

bubblebee in Spanish

bubblebee in Spain

Spanish translation bubblebee

fertiliser in Spanish

fertilisers in spain fertiliser

sea cliff in Spanish

cliffs in spain

acequia English

irrigation ditch in Spanish

irrigation ditches in spain

irrigation ditch Spanish translation

acorn in Spanish

acorns in spain

bellota English

translation aquifer in Spanish

adder in Spanish

Spanish translation adder

outcrop in Spanish

tributary in Spanish

Spanish translation tributary

downpour in Spanish

Spanish translation downpour

aguanieve en inglés

sleet in Spanish

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Spanish translation sleet

agujón en inglés

translation sting in Spanish

alacrán en inglés

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albufera in English

alevín in English

aljibe in English

almazara in English

alquería in English

high montane in Spanish

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altiplanicie in English

alud English

how do you say avalanche in Spanish

Aluvión in English

how do you say Amphibian in Spanish

Spanish translation Amphibian

anillamiento inglés

ringing in Spanish

ringing in Spain

antler in Spanish

Spanish translation antler

cornamenta English

apicultor ingles

beekeeper in Spanish

Spanish translation beekeeper

bee-keeping in Spanish

árbol de hoja caduca en inglés

deciduous tree in Spanish

deciduous trees in spain

Spanish translation deciduous tree

árbol de hoja perenne inglés

evergreen tree in Spanish

Spanish translation evergreen tree

arenal English

arenisca English

sandstone in Spanish

sandstone in spain

Spanish translation

Arista English

ridge in Spanish

arête in Spanish

arroyo English

¿Cómo se dice arroyo en inglés?

stream in Spanish

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arrozal English

rice field in Spanish

rice fields in spain

¿Cómo se dice aullido en inglés?

howl in Spanish

ave acuática English

water bird in Spanish

water birds in spain

water bird Spanish translation

shore bird in Spanish

shore birds in spain

steppe bird in Spanish

steppe birds in Spain

English ave nidificante

nesting bird in Spanish

Spanish translation

ave rapaz en inglés

bird of prey in Spanish

bird of prey Spanish translation

breeding bird in Spanish

avispero en inglés

wasp's nest in Spanish

avispón en inglés

hornet in Spanish

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