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Spanish landscape painting

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El Greco: Toledo 1600, (47.75 x 42.75 in)

Goya: La vendimia/The grape harvest ( 1786-87)

Fransesc Gimeno: Un poble empordanès/An Ampordan village (Torroella de Montgrí. Note Montgrí in the background) (1918)

Mariano Fortuny: Vista de Granada/View of Granada (1870-72)

Mariano Fortuny: Montserrat (1868)

Dario Regoyos: Viña/Vineyard (1890)

Dario Regoyos: Gallinero/Chicken coop (1890)

Dario Regoyos: Paisaje de San Sebastian/Landscape of San Sebastian

Carlos de Haes; Los Picos de Europa. (1860 )
Museo del Prado (167 x 123 cm.)

Carlos de Haes: Playa de Hendaya. (1881)

Carlos de Haes: desfiladero/Gorge (1876) Museo del Prado

Carlos de Haes: El Retiro

Carlos de Haes (attributed to): Vista de Madrid/View of Madrid (c1855-65). . " The view of Madrid seen here has changed little since the early 19th century, apart from the addition of a few modern buildings. Here it is seen from one of the highest points of the Casa de Campo, an area that was once a royal hunting ground and is now a municipal park to the west of the royal palace" Text from National Gallery

Carlos de Haes: Rompientes (1860 - 1880)

Jaume Morera Galícia (1854-1927): Valle de Chozas (Guadarrama) - in coal. From here

Jaume Morera Galícia: Guadarrama

Jaume Morera Galícia: Día de nieve Pontons /Snowy Day in Pontons

Joaquín Mir i Trenxet: La encina y la vaca /The holm oak and the cow (1915)

Joan Miro: La masia/The farm (1922)