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Innards & unmentionables

Higado de cerdo [pig's liver] is never served in restaurants, but is extremely cheap in butchers' shops and does not make for a bad meal if fried with tomatoes, garlic, oregano and onions and with white wine or sherry poured over it in the pan. The same goes for corazón de cerdo [pig's heart]. Both are good in mixed meat stews.

  • Higado encebollado
  • Riñones al jeréz
  • Sesos a la romana
  • Callos
  • Lengua
  • Rabo de toro
  • Testicles
  • Pizzle


Pa de fetge [liver bread] is the name given to a sort of rough farmhouse pig liver paté, just a little bit too coarse and dry to spread easily. It is widely regarded as an embutit . The best pa de fetge is said to be from La Cerdanya, a beautiful river valley straddling the French border in the Pyrenees . I like it a lot.

Foigras ibérica is highly regarded goose liver paté.

With the exception of homemade versions in some restaurants, most Spanish patés tend to be inferior to their French counterparts.

Meatballs / Albongigas / Mangonguilles






Francis Barrett's Deconstruction of Catalan and Spanish Food

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