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Salads in Catalonia

Expert guided food tours in Barcelona by Nick Lloyd of Iberianature.

Berros / watercress is highly regarded, as is alfalfa. They often turn up in interesting salads, along with ordinary cress / mustard leaves, rucola / rocket, / red cabbage and various types of lechuga / lettuce. A restaurant serving this sort of salad is bound to have balsamic vinegar.

Cogollos are baby lettuce hearts; the best ones come from Tudela. They are often served with tuna, anchovies or Roquefort sauce.

Ensalada catalana - Catalan mixed salad, like an ensalada ilustrada elsewhere but without any fishy elements.

Escalivada - Grilled or baked onions, peppers and aubergines, served cold. Delicious with anchovies..

Esqueixada - Shredded salt cod marinated in oil and vinegar with tomatoes, onions and red peppers.

Xatò - salad with strips of cold salted cod and romesco sauce. Xató is a traditional dish in southern Catalunya


Francis Barrett's Deconstruction of Catalan and Spanish Food

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