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Synonyms for mountain and hill in Spanish

Richard Ford, the 19th century traveller and first British hispanophile, jokingly said in 'Gatherings from Spain' that the country is just one big mountain. 24% is above 1000 m and 76% between 500 and 1000 m. Spain has an average altitude of 660 metres. In Europe only Switzerland is higher (by a long way - average altitude of 1,300 metres).
So it should come as no surprise that Castilian is so rich in words for mountains, hills, cliffs and plateaus. Here's a by no means exhaustive list. See also Mountains in Spain

alcor: hill
alcarria: high-flat plateau with little vegetation.
aguja: jagged peak
altiplanicie: extensive high plateau
altiplano: synonym of altiplanicie
altozano: small hill
arista: ridge; arête
cerrajón: steep, high cerro.
cerrejón: small cerro.
cerro: isolated hill
cima: summit
colina: hill
collado: highland; hill; mountain pass
cornisa: ridge; clifftop; crag.
cordillera: mountain range
cresta: ridge; arête; crest
crestón: crag; small crest.
cuerda: ridge of peaks
cuesta: slope
cueto: isolated, craggy, cone-shaped hill
declive: slope
derrumbe: cliff (off which it is easy to fall)
desgalgadero: steep scree slope; cliff
despeñadero: cliff; precipice.
escarpa: escarpment; scarp; slope
estribaciones: foothills; spurs
estribo: spur
farallón: cliff, headland, outcrop
flanco: flank
galayo: jagged rock sticking out from a mountainous area
hacho: large prominent hill; beacon hill.
loma: hill; low ridge.
macizo: massif.
meseta: extensive, flat or gently-undulating land higher than surrounding areas.
moheda: high hill with scrub vegetation
monte: hills; mountains; hill
muela: mound; steep hill
otero: hill, viewpoint
pena (Gal.): crag
penya (Cat.): crag
peña: cliff; crag
peñalar: peñascal
peñascal: rocky place; rocky hill.
peñón: mass of rock. El Peñón - the Rock (of Gibraltar)
picacho: jagged peak
pico: peak
pitón: horn
pueyo: isolated hill rising above a plain
risco: cliff; crag
sierra: hill range; hills; sierra
teso: low flat-topped hill
tolmo: large rock; crag
tozal: summit of a hill from which there is a view of the surrounding area

Things on the ground become even more complicated when one considers the Basque, Catalan and Galician (along with all the others) names for these things.