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Wolf watching in the Sierra de la Culebra. Trip details

Dates: 11th -16th October 2007

Wolfers watching.

11th-16 October. (arriving 11th at night and returning 16th in the morning.) The price is 375 euros (75 a night). We can't provide transport so you have to hire a car. Most people fly to Valladolid and hire a car there. It's about 2 hours to the Sierra de la Culebra. Price includes:

  • Itinerary varies in function of weather and success. This longer trip will give an idea. http://www.iberianature.com/material/Spain_wolf/Sierra_de_la_Culebra_trip2.htm ,
  • The day is structured around morning and eveining wolf watches. The rest of the day is spent wolf tracking, visiting examples of traditional architecture, bird sites, hiking... 
  • A talk is given at the start of the trip.
  • Wolf watch every morning and evening (weather permitting - which it usually does)
  • Tracking and walking - learning different tracks.
  • Vilafafila ( Suberb cereal landcsape- Biggest European populations of great bustard)
  • Arribes del Duero (raptors). The border area must be the least populated part of Western Europe
  • Visits to sites with traditional architercture built to protect against/kill wolves. Dicsussions on conflict between wolves and humans. .
  • Hiking around the sierra
  • Nice double room in a lovely rural hotel
  • Breakfast and dinner at same place. Picnic for lunch (12 euros suplement if we all decide to each in a typical restuarant instead).
  • Transport is not included. Best option is to fly to Valladolid and hire a car. It's a 2-hour drive to the Sierra de la Culebra





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