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Common Wood Pigeon in Spain

Population and distribution of Common Wood Pigeon in Spain

News and information on Common Wood Pigeon in Spain

" Our local pair of wood pigeons( Esp:Paloma Torquaz) (Lat: Columba Palumbus), have set up nest on the banks of the Bernsga. Probably not one of the most popular birds in the world, but what a beauty, they have been courting regularly, on the terrace, their cooing so soporific. Only one problem, above them in another nest are a pair of Magpies ( Esp : Urraca0 (Esp:Pica Pica) and we know what they are like as nest robbers, but we..Read more on the forum

English-Spanish-Catalan translation of Common Wood Pigeon

  • Common Wood Pigeon : paloma torcaz : tudó : Columba palumbus







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