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Black Vulture in Spain

Population and distribution of Black Vulture in Spain

News and information on Black Vulture in Spain

22/10/2006 Monk (black) vulture to be reintroduced in Catalonia after extinction 100 years ago. Six individuals arrive at centre in Boumort. (El Mundo)

21/07/2006 Monk vulture (Aegypius monachus) population up in Andalusia 230 pairs in total. Sierra Pelada has highest population with 84 pairs. Around 130 chicks fledged this year. Illegal poisoning is still first cause of death. (Junta de Andalucia)

Monk vulture colony threatened in Salamanca

A monk colony under threat from forest track in the Sierra de Quilamas, in southern Salamanca. The forest track runs through a ZEPA. The track is being built as a fire fighting measure, but without any prior environmental impact assessment, running as close as 20 metres to monk vulture nests. Several monk vulture nests were destroyed here in June from a fire. The area is also critical for black stork.. It is precisley the presence of these two species the reason why the Sierra de Quilamas is protected. SEO demands that the work is stopped. SEO (here)

7 imperial eagles and 16 black vultures poisoned in one year in Castilla-La Mancha (FAPAS)

English-Spanish-Catalan translation of Black Vulture

  • Black Vulture (or Monk Vulture): buitre negro : voltor negre : Aegypius monachus






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