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Redes Biosphere Reserve

Redes Biosphere Reserve in Asturias

Redes is a World Biosphere Reserve of the UN . They state

The Redes Biosphere Reserve is the third biosphere reserve in the Cantabrican mountain range in the Province of Asturias. It is characterized by great biological and cultural diversity and is part of the effort to create a Gran Cantabrican Biosphere Reserve together with Somiedo and Muniellos that would be the first biosphere reserve in Europe to cover an entire 'ecoregion'. Redes comprises two parts characteristic of the Cantabrian Mountains: the karst limestone areas in the eastern regions, and the silica, quartzite, slate and sandstone areas in the west. These different bedrocks and geomorphological forms have also led to a diversity of soils and, therefore, richness in terms of habitats, ecosystems and species. It is covered by temperate deciduous forest. A sustainable development plan has been put in place since 1999, which aims at implementing and designing a series of active strategies which contribute to re-launching business activities that can be developed without adversely affecting environmental resources. The local population still practices special forms of transhumance taking herds of cattle up to the higher meadows during spring and summer. The protection of traditional methods of using natural resources in a sustainable way is one of the main objectives of the biosphere reserve. From here

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