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History of Barcelona

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Barcelona history sites

  • History of Bareclona. The obligatory Wikipedia visit
    "The history of Barcelona stretches back well over 2000 years to its origins as an Iberic village, Barkeno . Its easily defensible location on the coastal plain between the Collserola ridge (512 m) and the Mediterranean sea , on the route between central Europe and the rest of the Iberian peninsula , has ensured its continued importance, if not always preeminence, throughout the ages." Here
  • Història de Barcelona Good Spanish page Here
  • Poble Nou in the Spanish Civil War Here
  • Barcelona history from the City Council starting with the Roman history of the city, then known as Barcino. Here
  • Jewish history of Barcelona
    ."According to archeological evidence there existed a sizeable Jewish community in the province of Catalonia, where Barcelona is located, from as early as the beginning of the Common Era. For centuries thereafter, the Jews of Barcelona managed their own local affairs and lived relatively well while confined to the Juderia" Here
  • Good collection of photos of old Barcelona. Here.

Barcelona history museums

  • History Museum of Barcelona Here



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