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Storms cut imperial eagle chick numbers

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

The Junta de Andalucía have recorded 47 imperial eagle chicks this year, compared with 70 for the previous year. Agustín Madero, head of the conservation programme of the imperial eagle in Andalusia believes the reason lies in the spring storms, and despite the negative news says that the bird’s recovery is clear. A total of 210 pairs of imperial eagle were recorded in Spain in 2007, with 54 in the Sierra Morena in Andalucia. El Mundo

imperial eagle chick

Imperial eagle chick being tagged in Doñana

imperial eagle chicks in Spain

Don Quixote in the Sierra Morena

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Don Quixote mounted without replying, and, Sancho leading the way on his ass, they entered the side of the Sierra Morena, which was close by, as it was Sancho’s design to cross it entirely and come out again at El Viso or Almodovar del Campo, and hide for some days among its crags so as to escape the search of the Brotherhood should they come to look for them. He was encouraged in this by perceiving that the stock of provisions carried by the ass had come safe out of the fray with the galley slaves, a circumstance that he regarded as a miracle, seeing how they pillaged and ransacked.

That night they reached the very heart of the Sierra Morena, where it seemed prudent to Sancho to pass the night and even some days, at least as many as the stores he carried might last, and so they encamped between two rocks and among some cork trees.(Trans John Ormsby, 1829-1895) Don Quijote library. See also Epistemology in Don Quixote + Dehesas de Sierra Morena