The best Spanish food books

This is a list of my favourite Spanish recipe and food books in English. Enjoy.

1080 Recipes

Absolute classic book by Simone Ortega translated from the Spanish. This is THE essential Spanish food book packed with 1080 recipes of all kinds.) As the Observer put it “If you want to prepare truly authentic Spanish dishes, from paella to patatas con chorizo, there is only one book you need – the traditional bible of Spain that contains 1,080 recipes from the mother and daughter team of Simone and Ines Ortega now translated into English for the first time.” You may also be interested in her The Book of Tapas

Traditional Spanish Cooking by Janet Mendel

Janet Mendel’s classic work includes 270 recipes for traditional Spanish dishes from Andalusian red garlic fish soup to Catalan chicken, Asturias stuffed sardines and Galician fish stew to Castilian roast baby lamb and shepherds’ stew from La Mancha. Her inspired introductions set the food in the context of a land situated on the crossroads of civilizations, and where the food is a true melting pot of many cultures.

The Real Taste of Spain: Recipes Inspired by the Markets of Spain

A simply outstanding guide to Spain’s varied cuisine
From the famous Boqueria in Barcelona to the tiny village markets of rural Spain, market life and fresh regional products are at the heart of Spanish life and cuisine. “The Real Taste of Spain” focuses on basic ingredients and core principles to offer simple and delicious Spanish recipes. Here are the everyday foods of Spain that are central to good home cooking: plump tomatoes, fresh fish and vegetables, ripe fruits, tasty cheeses and perfectly cured meats. With more and more of us wishing to eat a varied and healthy diet, this illustrated cookbook and reference combines this demand with Spain’s ever-increasing popularity. Jenny Chandler has divided the book by the stalls of the local market: Shellfish and Fresh Fish, Poultry and Game, Meat and Offal, Cereals and Legumes, Olives and Spices, Vegetables, Fruit, Dried fruits. Each section includes quick Tapas, smaller dishes and main meals. Jenny brings the vitality of the market to life with introductions to each stall and explanations of the products. She then includes traditional cooking techniques and easy variations. Beautiful reportage shots bring the vitality of the market to life and accessible text ensures that even novice cooks can make mouth-watering dishes.

Regional food books

Catalan Cuisine: Europe’s Last Great Culinary Secret – Voted one of the top 45 cookbooks of all time by New York’s Village Voice
Catalonia has its own cuisine and culture which has spread to encompass Valencia, the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Manorca and Ibiza), Andorra, the ancient region of France formerly known as Roussilon, and a single city on the Italian island of Sardinia. Colman Andrews explores this whole territory of Catalan cooking, from its French, Roman and Moorish roots to today’s modern interpretation. Along the way he creates a portrait of the food, wine, history and culture of the region. The recipes are always clear and easy to follow, but it is also an evocation of a region.

The Taste of a Place, Andalucia I don’t have a copy but it has good reviews.