A guide to food in Spain – O-P-Q



  • oca: goose

  • olivas: olives

  • orégano: oregano

  • oreja (de cerdo): pigs’ ear

  • orujo: Spirit obtained from grape pomace and popular in northwest Spain, particularly but not exclusively in Galicia. Much orujo is still to this day home-made though high quality spirit protected by a D.O. has appeared in recent decades. It has an alcohol content over 50%. The official orujo site (Spanish)

  • ostras: oysters

  • oveja: sheep A list of Spanish sheep breeds here.


  • pa amb tomàquet (Catalan): toasted rustic bread spread with squidgy tomato and olive oil.

  • paella: the classic Valencian rice dish cooked in a broad flat pan, the paellera, from which it takes its name. Many variations on the theme.

  • pagel/ pajel/ breca: pandora (Pagellus erythrinus)

  • paleta: shoulder cut of meat

  • paletilla: shoulder cut of meat/ cured ham (foreleg)

  • palmito: heart of palm

  • paloma: woodpigeon or dove

  • palometa negra: Atlantic pomfret (Brama brama)

  • palometa roja: red bream (Beryx decadactylus)

  • palomitas: popcorn

  • pan: bread

  • pan de molde: sliced bread

  • pan integral: brown bread

  • pan rallado: bread crumbs

  • panceta: thick belly bacon

  • panellets (Catalonia): round marzipan cakes covered in pine nuts, candied fruit, coconut, etc. These are eaten with roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes at castanyades, chestnut parties held around the time of All Saints Day [1st November; not only el dia de todos los santos / tots sants but also el dia de los muertos, the Day of the Dead, when families traditionally clean and tidy their loved ones’ graves]. The castanyada tradition is under heavy pressure from Hallowe’en. (Francis Barret)

  • papada: chin, typically chin of pig

  • pargo: red porgy (Pagrus pagrus)

  • parrillada de marisco/pescado/carne: mixed grilled shellfish/fish/meat

  • parrotacha (Asturian): sardine

  • pasas: raisins

  • pasteles: cakes or pastries

  • patata: potato

  • patatas asadas: roast potatoes

  • patatas bravas: deep fried potatoes in a spicy sauce…you know…

  • patatas fritas: chips (patatas fritas de bolsa: crisps)

  • patxaran (Basque), pacharán (Spanish): The Basque and Navarran staple stong tipple. The liqueur is made by soaking sloe berries in an anise-flavoured spirit (anis) with a small number of coffee beans and a vanilla pod for several months. The final result is a light reddish-brown sweet liqueur with around 25-30% alcohol content, similar to sloe gin. Wikipedia notes “The drink was essentially a home-made liqueur of rural Navarra, but became popular in the late 19th century. It was commercialised in the 1950s and became very popular outside Navarra. One theory holds that young Navarrans took bottles with them on National Service, popularising patxaran in the rest of Spain. There are now moves to ensure that the drink’s name is protected to ensure its quality, tradition and Navarrese identity. The regulator of Patxaran of Navarra insists that no colourings or flavourings are added, that the maceration is between one and eight months and on the amount of sloes used.”

  • pato: duck Ànec amb figues ( pato con higos ) duck with figs: an archetypical Catalan dish from the Amporda region. The duck is jointed and cooked in a light sauce based on a sofregit or stock, dried figs and wine are added later, often with pine nuts or brandy and with cinnamon. Many of the fruit and meat type dishes are served in winter, using dried fruits. There is a recent trend, however, to serve slightly lighter versions using fresh fruits as they come into season. These work really well. (Simon Rice)

  • pavo: turkey

  • pechuga: breast, as in chicken breast

  • Penedès: wine-making region in Catalonia to the south-west of Barcelona Wikipedia

  • pepinillos: gherkins

  • pepino: cucumber

  • pera: pear

  • perca: perch

  • percebes: goose barnacles (Pollicipes cornucopiae)

  • perdiz: partridge

  • perejil: parsley

  • perrito caliente: hot dog

  • pescadilla: usually understood as small hake

  • pescaíto frito (Andalucia): small fish battered and fried in olive oil. Often whiting.

  • pescado: fish

  • pez espada: swordfish

  • picada: a seasoning to add spice to a dish at the end of cooking. The ingredients are variable: garlic, fried bread, almonds, dry pepper, hazelnuts, pine nuts and tomato are all involved.

  • picante: spicy

  • pie: trotters (pig)

  • pierna: leg

  • pil-pil: sauce with chilli and garlic used to cook fish such as teh classic Bacalao al pil-pil. Recipe

  • pimentón: Spanish paprika. Apparently brought back from the Americas by Columbus on his second trip. The best is pimentón de la Vera: it is smoked and made solely in La Vera valley. I always have a tin in the cupboard. This is superb spice.

  • pimienta: pepper

  • pimientos: peppers

  • pimientos de piquillo

  • pincho moruno: kebab

  • pinchos (pintxos): small snacks usually on a slice of baguette bread.

  • pintada: guineafowl (Numida meleagris)

  • piña: pineapple

  • piñones: pine nuts

  • pipas: sunflower seeds

  • pisto: One could say a Spanish ratatouille

  • pitu de calella (Asturian): free range chicken

  • pixín (Asturian): monkfish

  • plátano: banana. The best bananas to be had in Spain are from the Canary Islands where they were introduced by the Portuguese. Their proximity to the Peninsula ensures a ripe sweet banana usually far superior to American bananas which have to be shipped further. Bananas are the most important crop in the Canary Islands. (Wikipedia – Spanish)

  • pocha: green broad bean

  • poleo: pennyroyal mint (Mentha pulegium)

  • Polbo á feira (Galician): Galician style octopus

  • pollo: chicken

  • pollo al ajillo: fried chicken with garlic

  • polvorones: small almond-based pastries eaten at Christmas

  • pomelo: grapefruit

  • porras: pastry, like churros, but thicker, and more doughy

  • postre: dessert

  • potaje: stew

  • pote gallego: Galician stew made with pork products, chicken, cabbage and potatoes.

  • Priorat:

  • puchero: stew / casserole

  • puchero canario: casserole with chickpeas and corn

  • pudin/pudding/budín: usually understood as bread and butter pudding often with a caramel sauce.

  • puerro: leek

  • pulpo: octopus

  • pulpo a la gallega: Galician style octopus. Polbo á feira in Galician

  • puré de patatas: mash potatoes

  • puré: purée


  • queso: cheese There are probably several hundred cheeses in Spain. A complete guide to the 23 cheeses in Spain with denomicación de origen here (English) or great map of Spanish cheese geography in jpg There are, however, many, many more equally superb local cheeses

  • queso de bola: Dutch Edam-type cheese

  • queso de Burgos: soft white cheese

  • queso de oveja: sheep’s (ewe’s) cheese

  • queso fresco: fresh cheese


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