jabali estofado – wild boar stew

A guide to food in Spain


By Simon Rice An old recipe from the remote Pallars Jussà area in the Pyrenees exemplifies a ‘typical’ Catalan peasant dish of stewed wild boar. This dish can also be made with beef; the local cut, cresto , is specifically recommended. Note how two separate sauces are made and combined with the meat, which has also been prepared separately, although in this case not completely cooked. The finished dish has a homogenous smooth gravy as the onions have completely disintegrated during cooking. The tomatoes are used to add sweetness and moisture, not colour, which is a reddish brown due to the onions having caramelised.

Wild boar (porc senglar) stew

Ingredients (the quantities are my suggestion):

500gr. wild boar meat

3 tablespoons olive oil

Salt to taste

2 large onions

2 tomatoes

Fresh parsley

6 whole garlic cloves

Shot of brandy

Bunch of fresh herbs; thyme, rosemary, sage or large teaspoon dried ‘Herbes de Provence’


• In a casserole suitable for serving fry the onions and five garlic cloves slowly in the oil. Once they are beginning to soften add the tomatoes and cook very slowly until the whole mass is a dark viscous mixture. You have the sofregit .

• Meanwhile seal the meat quickly in a separate pan then add the meat, the brandy and the herbs with a little water to the sofregit . Cover the pot and cook slowly.

• Once the stew is done make a picada by crushing the almonds, parsley and the remaining garlic together to form a crude paste. Add this to the stew and serve. A dish like this is usually served alone with bread to soak up the sauce.