A guide to food in Spain – B


  • bacalao: cod. Spain boasts a remarkable range of recipes for such a northern fish (bacaalo al pil pil, esqueixada) in most cases based on dried salt cod. The Basques played an important role in the cod trade, first discovering for example cod banks in Newfoundland

  • bacalao a la vizcaína: cod with ham peppers and chillis Recipe

  • bacalao al pil pil: cod with chillis and garlic Recipe

  • bacalao salado: salt cod

  • baldana (Catalan): black pudding

  • banderilla: appetizer with olives, picked onion, anchovy and the like on a skewer

  • barbacoa: barbecue

  • barrica: wine barrel

  • barquillos: “biscuit rolls”

  • barra: baguette Bread in Spain

  • batata: sweet potato

  • batido (de leche): milkshake, chocolate milk

  • beicón: bacon (usually streaky)

  • bellota: acorn. Acorn flour was used in the past, recently in times of scarcity. An acorn liquor (licor de bellota) is made in Extremadura from holm oak acorns.

  • berberechos: cockles

  • berenjena: aubergine

  • berro: watercress

  • berza: bitter variety of cabbage used extensivly in Northern Spain, particularly in Galicia. In Asturias it is in an essential ingredient of the superb Pote Asturiano

  • besugo: sea bream

  • bígaro: sea snails. Popular on Basque coast.

  • bikini: A toasted cheese and ham sandwich in Catalonia

  • bistec: steak

  • bizcochos: sponge fingers

  • bocadillo: sandwich (with spanish bread)

  • bocarte (Asturias, Cantabria): anchovy (engraulis encrasicholus)

  • bogavante: European lobster

  • bolets (Catalan for setas): wild mushrooms

  • bollo: bread roll

  • bollo preñau: chorizo cooked in a bread roll. A variation on the hot dog theme. Strictly for outdoor events

  • boniato: sweet potato

  • bonito: tuna. Considered the best quality tuna fish.

  • boquerón: fresh anchovy, fried or in vinegar

  • borraja: borage

  • botifarra (Catalan): typical Catalan sausage made of raw pork and spices. Depending on the type can be an embotit or a dish.

  • botifarra amb mongetes (Catalan): sausage and haricot beans. One of the most popular Catalan dishes.

  • botifarra blanca (Catalan): mild white cured sausage

  • botifarra dolça (Catalan): sausage boiled with sugar and lemon with a very sweet taste.

  • botifarra d’ou (Catalan): sausage made with meat and eggs, giving it a strange yellow colour and slightly odd texture, but the flavour remains similar to ordinary botifarra blanca.

  • botifarra negra (Catalan): similar to but not quite a black pudding.

  • botillo: Leonese embutido.

  • brandy: brandy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandy

  • brazo de gitano: Swiss roll

  • brevas: fig, the first of two harvests of the fig tree, the second giving higos. Brevas are larger and less sweet than higos.

  • brócoli, brécol: broccoli

  • brotes de soja: bean sprouts (soyabean)

  • buey: beef

  • buey de mar: edible crab (Cancer pagurus)

  • bull (Catalan): a type of very thick Catalan botifarra. It can be white or black.

  • buñuelo: fritter

  • burgos: a type of soft ewes’ milk cheese

  • butifarra: Spanish rendering of Catalan botifarra. See above.

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