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Roman rabbit coin of Hispania

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Roman coin of Hispania with distinct rabbit, endemic to Iberia and exported elsewhere.The most widely–accepted theory says Phoenicians called Iberia i-shepan-im, the Land of Rabbits (or to be more precise the land of hyrax north African animals they confused) which became Hispania.

Spanish esparto grass on the River Thames

Monday, December 16th, 2019

A remarkable photograph taken in 1938 shows a group of men unloading huge piles of esparto grass from barges on the River Thames. In the smoggy background is Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. The grass was shipped from the Murcian town of Aguilas and was probably destined as cellulose to produce high quality paper for book printing.
Before the arrival of synthetic fibres, Aguilas was the chief distribution centre for esparto, exporting shiploads across the Mediterranean and to northern Europe.

Landscapes of Pancorbo

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Ignacio Zuloaga (Éibar, 1870-Madrid, 1945) painted numerous landscapes of Spain including this bleak yet inviting evocation of Pancorbo ( 1917) in the province of Burgos. Espacio cultural Ignacio Zuloaga, Zumaia, Guipúzcoa. More here.

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A train passing through Pancorbo was also depicted by Darío de Regoyos in 1901. From MNAC

The approach to the village also appears in this watercolour by Edgar Thomas Ainger Wigram’s  Northern Spain (1906).

The Pancorbo gorge by Gustave Doré (1873)