Basque horses


Pottok horses on Bianditz mountain, in Navarra. Behind lie the Aiako mountains. The Pottok (Wikipedia) is an endangered, semi-feral breed of pony native to the Pyrenees of the Basque Country, Pottoka being the Basque language name for this horse, both north and south of the mountains. This image by Mikel Ortega won an award on Wikipedia here

Books about the Basque Country I have read

The Basque Country: A Cultural History by Paddy Woodworth: Full of fascinating facts. An excellent balanced account.

The Basque History of the World by Mark Kurlansky. Interesting in places but wildly opinionated.

Basque Country: Of Spain and France

This little guide book has some lovely coastal and mountain nature walks and drives. Fold-out touring map, large-scale (1:50,000) topo walking maps.