Spring in Spain

Spring officially began last Saturday at 18.32 Peninsular time and it promises to be beauty. The iberiantureforum people have been posting regular updates of the signs they see of spring. Follow all the updates here on the forum. Above photo of primroses by Phil James in the Pyrenees at about 1000m.

And Dave notes from León:

Absolutely gorgeous weather the last few days. A baby Blackbird fully fledged but with its yellow gape visible, feeding on the riverbank. The Black redstarts singing from the rooftops. A baby Sparrow being fed on the terrace. The rooks in the various colonies busily repairing their nests. A trip to get some soil for the pots, along with fertilizer for the roses and shrubs. Two mornings spent clearing up the terrace of plants that did not survive the winter. The roses pruned and showing their new shoots. Daffodils and Crocus in flower. Oh yes spring has arrived in León