Andalucia Bird Society

September 2008 sees the launch of an new bird society for Andalucia. Basically, although not exclusively, the society aims to assist the non-Spanish speaking resident to become involved in regional and national census and survey work. However, a key role for the Society is to collect and hold the records of birds recorded in Andalucia. It is hoped their database will hold sufficient records for the data to be used widely by conservation organisations, local government bodies, academics and commercial consultants. As a member you would have the opportunity to participate in the Andalucia elements of national bird surveys, and to have your own bird records incorporated into our annual Andalucia Bird Report.

The objectives of the ABS are:

  • To record and study wild birds in Andalucia
  • To assist in the preservation of wild birds in Spain
  • To encourage by use of meetings, outings, books and other ways:

1. The study of birds in the field and ornithological science in general.
2. The education of the general public and its members in ornithological science and the need for the protection of wild birds and their habitats.

To find out more take a look at their website here

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