Iberian Lynx in Castilla-la Mancha

STOP PRESS (as they say)

A front page article in El Pais is claiming that a “population” of lynxes has been found somewhere undisclosed in Castilla La-Mancha (Montes de Toledo? Sierra de Alcarza?), the first to be detected in 10 years. There’s a video so I suppose it must be true. What The article claims there are “dozens” of adults, this clearly should read “some” as it is surely impossible that so many animals could go undetected for so long.  And the journalist who wrote the thing clearly doesn’t have a clue or was asleep when he wrote it, starting that the “El lince vuelve en manada a Castilla-La Mancha” – Packs of lynx return to Castilla-La Mancha, something unthinkable for a territorial lynx. What does he think they are, lions? Great news that even a few have been discovered, though. MORE SOON