Lynx cubs and rabbits

An important part of the Lynx Recovery Programme at El Acebuche involves instilling hunting instincts among lynx cubs born in captivity. Studies on the lynx cubs in the programme show that the first contact takes place when the mother brings a dead rabbit killed by her into the den, when the cubs are 20 to 35 days old and before the cubs have been outside. Early contacts are just a cursory sniff. At 51 to 56 days old the cubs begin to play with dead rabbits and then start to eat rabbit meat, broken up by their mother, between 55 and 65 days At 52 to 58 days they begin to chase and play with live rabbits, and finally after 72 to 92 days, to kill their own prey. (PDF here) Below some pictures of the cubs in the programme learning to hunt.

Photo from Lynx Recovery Programme