Barcelona’s parakeets to be culled

I received this email this morning. It’s based on this article . Although I have grown to love this pesky fellows I myself have no intention of signing this petition as potentially monk parakeets could cause big problems in the surrounding countryside to farming and wildlife. I hope they are only going to reduce numbers. If you don’t agree with me, please sign their petition. More on monks here:

“Dear Mr Lloyd,
A contact e-mailed me yesterday about the planned wild parrot hunt in Barcelona. I am based in Brooklyn and the monk parakeets live here peacefully with other wildlife. I am shocked and discouraged by this planned action and am organizing a protest. But there is not much I can do on this side of the Atlantic. What’s needed are voices in Spain that are against it.
I have written about this issue and have an online petition. If you could spread the word in Europe, I’d be grateful”
Full story here:

Steve Baldwin
The Brooklyn Parrot Society