Kestrels in Barcelona

An enjoyable morning out under the under the cliffs of Montjuic this morning, “helping” to ring common kestrels. In the end only one adult female fell into our talons (common practice states I am not allowed to explain legal method in a public sphere just in case anyone gets any bright ideas). It seems the population has plummeted from European-wide record colony of 20 pairs just a few years ago to possibly just 5(?) or less this year, See here for expalanation I must say I felt rather privileged to holding such a beautiful beast as the ring-road traffic trundled past. Anyway, here’s some nice picis – unusually for me.

Here’s the video which was being filmed for during the ringing process. It covers peregrines and kestrels. You’ll recognise the kestrel in the second half. The balding guiri in the blue T-shirt is me.

Written report here: