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Spain nature news – April 2007

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
  • Â 26/04 Reintroduced bear in French Pyrenees has two cubs. Photo Hvala, the mother, shortly after being released in 2006. (El Mundo) See bears in Spain

  • 20/04 Illegal trapping impeding growth in Cantabrian bear numbers (FAPAS)
  • 18/04 Largest tree in Andalucia listed in Sierra de los Filabres, Almeria, remnant of an ancient Mediterranean forest. (El Mundo)

  • 16/04 Very hot dry February (INM)
  • 16/04 Almeria gazelles return to Senegal. (El Mundo). The Dorcas gazelles (Gazella dorcas neglecta) have been raised in Almeria as part of reintroduction programme. Video here El Pais More here from wikiepdia

  • 12/04 WWF claim 20,000 raptors poisoned in Spain in last 15 years! (El Mundo)
  • 11/04 Drought may be over. Reservoirs recovering (Consumer)
  • 10/04 Climate change to reduce rains in Spain by 40% (Consumer)
  • 10/04 Two more lynxes born in captivity making 7 surviving ones this year (Junta de Andalucia)
  • The two lynxes rejected by mother die (El Pais) . Rejection is common among first time mothers who “feel” they cannot raise cubs.
  • 02/04 Endemic Spanish Minnow ( Jarabugo – Anaecypris hispanica) under serious threat in Guadiana basin (El Pais)
  • 01/04 Wolves returning to Ávila and Segovia but under threat elsewhere (El Pais)
  • 01/04 Three more lynx cubs born in captivity but one is eaten by mother (El Pais)

Bonelli’s eagle webcam

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Excellent live webcam of a Bonell’s eagle in El Parc del Garraf, near Barcelona. There’s a limited number of visitors at a time so if it doesn’t work try again later.

web cam is here

I love the clicking noises of the chicks.

The largest tree in Andalucia

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

The largest tree in Andalucia has been listed by the Andalusian government in the Sierra de los Filabres, Almeria. This immense holm oak (encina) measuring 16 metres wide and 25 metres high is believed to be a remnant of an ancient Mediterranean forest. The tree is known as ‘La Peana’ (El Mundo)

wolf watching in the Sierra de la Culebra

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Another fascinating trip to the Sierra de la Culebra, this time with students from Barcelona and Girona universities. A fun crowd. One living wolf, plus, unfortunately, this. Read here.

Climate change and bird migration in Spain

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

SEO/Birdlife has launched a new webpage ( on the phenology of birds in Spain. People are invited to register and send in their data on bird sightings this year and records from previous years. The basis of the site are the 44,000 records taken since 1944 of 87 key species. This will allow migratory maps to be produced for each species and show changes due to climate change. Phenological reacords on some fruit trees (eg almond blossom) and insects are also included. Early conclusions includeÂ

  • Less and less cranes arrive every yearÂ
  • Storks are leaving later or staying all year round. 20 years not a single stork wintered in Spain. Now an estimated 30,000 winter here.Â
  • An increase in migration of Sub-Saharan birdsÂ
  • The increase in tempeartures in Spain of one and a half degrees since the early 1960s has pushed forward the arrival of at least cuckoos, storks, swifts. nightingales and swallows. However, a word of caution. With the notable exception of the storks, these early arrivals are with respect to the “unusually late”1960s”. Arrival times are now it seems the same as the 1940s. We shall see

And here’s a map the arrival of swallows